Why the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

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The UK’s best-loved role playing game, James Bond, is popularly known as the ‘Flying Ace’ and many fans even consider him a ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’. However, even with all the talk of religion and mythology, there is a deep and loving love for this fictional character that extends to a passionate fan community. In fact, The Flying Spaghetti Monster is so popular that it has its own slot machine in Vegas.

The Flying Spaghetti Monster has become so popular among many celebrities that they created a personal website and become incredibly passionate about it. On one of those sites, Jonathan Duhamel actually created a new religion, ‘Frying Spaghetti Party’, claiming that all religions are superstitions.

The fact that these comments come from an actor/director/writer who did his first movie about the British Secret Service in the Seventies, is very intriguing indeed. After all, James Bond has always been more of a spy thriller than a religious text.

However, despite what Duhamel and many other religious websites on the Internet say, the character of James Bond is actually about romance, intrigue and sexual tension. It is about the struggle between good and evil. It is about having the will to fight for what you believe in.

At the end of every James Bond movie, there is always a twist, but if you take the character at face value, then he is simply following the will of his creator. His creator is not God.

The CIA films in the Seventies, which were produced by a Jew, are the most realistic and believable portrayal of the James Bond franchise, after all. Jewish creators such as David Niven and John Glen used real locations and real people for their stories, but maintained the spirit of the character. However, at the end of the day, the greatest thing about the James Bond film franchise is that its creators were not trying to push any religion or politics onto their audience. So if you want to get back into the kitchen and start cooking, then the story will be quite simple – do not believe in God or Christ, but believe in love and spiritual balance.

Frying Spaghetti, the new Las Vegas slot machine designed by Jonathan Duhamel, actually proclaims love of religion, but denies it to others. He proclaims his love for the religion, but denies that it is true. On a different note, he also declares his love for gambling, while keeping his chips hidden behind the betting wheel.

The little boy in the casino shows that the man in the Flying Spaghetti Monster is indeed present, just like the spaghettis (little fried balls) that he was eating earlier. These little balls are made up of spaghetti sauce, pepperoni and Parmesan cheese. And the casinos that Duhamel supports are run by the mafia – Jack the Ripper style.

As the battle between good and evil rages, the fried balls (spaghetti) turn into angel wings (angelic spaghetti). After all, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is fighting against these angels, because they are too powerful, so it is a battle of Good versus Evil.

Of course, it would seem that even the makers of James Bond should follow the real-life traditions of the Fleming’s work. The Bond of the Seventies became a symbol of fighting for social change, yet the modern Bond of the Casino films is currently trying to save the world from the wrong side.

I suppose it is clear to see why the Flying Spaghetti Monster is so popular with Hollywood today, and why we are all still waiting for the James Bond movie that conforms to the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion. I mean, who could forget the scene in Goldfinger where Mr Gold blows the Omega?