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Well-known physician and Nobel Prize winner Galen Hall wrote, “The Poker Face”. It details a case in which a young man was admitted to the hospital with an unusual complaint of poor facial appearance. This is a true story and has even made the stage of the Oscar winning movie, “Anchorman”.

Just because a face is unattractive, does not mean it is ugly or off-putting. A face is a reflection of the person, and the basic essence of beauty lies in its ability to entertain. Hence, each face is not only attractive, but also intriguing and mysterious. In other words, a good nose is also one of the major assets a person can get from attractive features, as it tends to draw attention of people.

When you are already well-established in your dental practice, you know very well how important your oral care is. People take you for granted if you have bad teeth.

The benefits of your attractive appearance are in the eye of the beholder, and there are lots of reasons why Galen Hall wrote about it. Nowadays, almost everyone takes their dental care quite seriously, so much so that they really pay attention to the face.

There are certain facial features which people do not usually consider. One of these features is the nasal bridge. The nasal bridge is a triangular shaped protrusion which lies midway between the eye brows. The width of this protrusion and the angle at which it sits when viewed from different angles helps create a strong and compact facial feature.

The prominent central crease of the face helps establish a natural looking facial symmetry. It is the foundation of all the other facial features.

However, having these features without the use of a dentist’s assistance can be rather challenging. Only trained and experienced cosmetic dentists can help a patient get rid of unwanted dental problems. The braces and other non-essential dental work are usually performed by such professionals.

Galen Hall, who has done quite a lot of research on teeth and facial appearance, had this to say: “If the nose looks too broad, it may be the result of an abnormal shape that accompanies a broad head. The same may occur with the direction of the nasal bridge, which is the crease from one eye brow to the other.”

As to crooked teeth, a doctor can probably fix it in no time. However, he can only do that if he uses an amalgam filler and doesn’t make it look too perfect.

Galen Hall felt that a crooked nasal bridge could be corrected by raising the angle of the nostrils, not using braces. He went on to say: “Whatever dentistry’s contribution to beauty may be, it cannot be the sole secret of good looks.” People can be beautiful without dental treatment.

Galen Hall goes on to say that a person has to be relaxed about his appearance and should not worry about his appearance. A person can be happy with his or her physical appearance and can be confident with himself and others. By being happy with one’s appearance, people will have a less tense and unproductive social life.

Okay, now you have read this article and found it interesting and informative, but you are not a great actor or a celebrity who has a lot of money. Or you are not into acting or producing and want to take a hiatus from the publicity of the movie industry. Well, if that is the case, then you should first read this article carefully, as I am sure you will find something that will intrigue you and makes you want to know more.