Why Poker Stars Greg Merson Has Re-Emerged As One Of The Best Poker Players

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Many people in the poker world have been talking about the demise of Greg Merson’s Poker Stars career. However, there are many reasons why he has made the comeback that he has. Most likely, these reasons were the factors that took him away from the game forever.

Many believe that a rift with his family played a huge role in the downfall of Greg Merson. This is because he and his wife separated after a year of marriage and even though he was granted full custody of his kids, he did not show any love for them. In fact, he and his wife had several arguments and he also decided to end his involvement with them altogether.

It was because of this reason that he said that poker would be something that he will never pursue professionally. He called poker, “a joke”. He said that he and his wife even tried to talk him out of leaving the game but he refused.

Another reason why many believed that Greg Merson would quit poker was his bad hands and losses. Since poker is considered as a game of luck, it is really hard to play poker when you are not playing with your best cards. Most professional poker players would admit that they have experienced bad luck in their life but that they just learned how to cope with the bad luck that came along with poker.

When Greg Merson became so mad that he wanted to leave the game, most of his friends who were not in the game anymore joined him in saying that they will never play with him again. After the harassment that he gave to his friends, he lost the last bit of passion that he had. He even considered retiring, but he refused. Thus, his poker career seemed to be over.

Though a big part of his refusal to leave the game was his pride and ego, but it seems that he has realized that poker is not for him. In fact, he has realized that he had been involved in a lottery at one point in his life.

His biggest regret was that he had not worked harder at becoming successful in poker. He did not work harder and he quit.

I’m sure that a lot of people had that same thought when they were thinking about quitting and yet they knew that they had another possible ways in which they could become successful in poker. He could have talked about how his father had given him the opportunity to work hard and go back to school but he didn’t. It is pretty hard to blame him.

Because of his failure, his friends left him and he did not know what to do anymore. He thought that since he had quit poker, no one would want to get close to him. He never did realize that the poker community was in great need of his skills.

A lot of people believed that if he would have worked harder and studied poker, then he would have found out some of the secrets that would have given him the edge that he needed to become successful in poker. They would have never tried to hurt him like they did but if he had worked hard, it could have helped him make it to the top and gain the respect that he deserved.

Greg Merson did not just quit poker. He chose to walk away from the game because he knew that he had already given everything that he had to the game. His retirement was something that he deserved but since he had given everything to the game, he did not deserve it anymore.

It is good that Greg Merson is back in the game of poker. He has made his return to the game because he knew that he had nothing left to give. Even though he has been playing for years, he was still able to learn some new tricks and tactics from other pro poker players.