Why is Joe Kuether Gambling For Fun?

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One of the things I like about Joe Kuether’s Poker, his first full time job, is that his vision was intact, and that when he started playing poker professionally, he would have continued to be a good enough player to keep you in the game. (Good enough for me, anyway.)

So, what to make of a person who tells you about how they went broke in Poker? Is it a possible motivation for them to play? Is it only because their poker buddies started making money?

This past summer I was fortunate enough to speak with a gentleman by the name of Joe Kuether. As I listened to him talk about poker, I could tell he wasn’t someone who was completely against gambling. Indeed, we were talking about the latest poker magazines.

Indeed, he was very interested in the World Series of Poker and what they were saying. He was also telling me that he had been playing poker professionally for many years.

Is this why he was able to make it through some tough times with the same playing ability, he has now? Is it some kind of crazy “wish fulfillment” fantasy? I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter either way.

What I found fascinating was the fact that as we talked, he kept bringing up the point of our kids and how a good idea this was from the family’s standpoint. Not necessarily for him, but certainly for his kids.

Joe said that he watched how his children played the game and how they improved as the years went by. He told me that he was excited when they played well, and he was not one to sit around and wonder.

Joe also told me that he always told himself, “You’re the best bet in town, and nobody can beat you.” As a consequence, he was often the person at the table winning, and this is why it was a good idea to be in the business.

In my opinion, the fact that he keeps betting on himself makes it a good idea. When you ask a question like this and answer it like he did, I understand. As he says, and he was a good enough player to keep you in the game, he isn’t perfect.

Poker, his career, was never about him. It was always about his ability to make a living with. Yes, he made a lot of money, but that didn’t mean he was perfect.

From what I heard from Joe, he knew that he was an underdog. There are just not many people like him out there. There are more than enough talented, competitive, hard working people in the world, but unfortunately, he was among them.

Poker, and Joe Kuether, were never about him. His game was his game, and he made it his own.