What is the Difference Between the Poker and the Martini?

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If you are like many people you have heard of the “Julien Martini.” If you are one of those people, you may be wondering exactly what it is. For those who are not familiar with the term, the “Julien” Martini is a shot of gin that has been stirred with a dash of Angostura bitters. The Martini was invented by a bartender in San Francisco named Bartenders’ Magazine (Bartenders) who presented his version to a connoisseur group at the Bacardi Bacao Club in Bacardi.

Some might argue that the Martini doesn’t really have much in common with other cocktails. They claim that other cocktails, like the Old Fashioned or the Manhattan (which is actually a modified Manhattan) do not require an addition of bitters to create an authentic cocktail. They also argue that because the Martini was first introduced to the American Bar & Kitchen group it should have been already known as a cocktail, and not a drink.

However, when comparing the Old Fashioned and the Martini there are some notable differences. One being that the Old Fashioned’s bitters has a more citrus taste to it, which many feel can cause a problem when mixed with gin.

Although, the original Martini version did not use a spirit of any kind. In fact, the original recipe was created by William Doyle from Scotland with alcohol and water to create a vodka base to add flavor.

It is said that when Bill first created the Martini he used an old recipe that was passed down by the bartenders at the Bacardi Bacao Club. Bartenders’ Magazine later added their own version of the Martini, which was used as a regular drink until 1933.

The creation of the Martini came about due to the influence of Edward Martin of the Bacardi BacaoClub. He had heard rumors of the rum shot that was said to be in production at that time. Due to the rumors he knew that the rum would be a good base for creating his own version of the Rum Cocktail. Bartenders’ Magazine then took notice of the new drink and created their own version.

Today, the Martini is sometimes considered as a variation of the Manhattan. However, many drinkers feel that the Martini is its own cocktail, just as it was originally meant to be. Perhaps, by creating the Martini the Bartenders’ Magazine helped to bring a lot of people who were not aware of the original cocktail to try it.

The Casanova came about because Bartenders’ Magazine asked a bartender at Bacardi Bacao Club if he could use the Jester’s Ruin recipe for a new cocktail. Bartenders’ Magazine felt that since this cocktail was similar to other Old Fashioned-like drinks that it would be easy to adapt it into a new drink.

The Jester’s Ruin Martini is made by adding gin to a drink such as the Martini, which has no spirit base. The twist comes from adding the Shikakai Bitters which gives it an alcoholic kick. If you look at the original recipe, you will find that the Jester’s Ruin starts out with the Gin, which is needed to create the Gin and Tonic Cocktail at the same time.

While the Jester’s Ruin is considered to be a variation of the Martini by many, it was considered to be another variation of the Manhattan by the Bartenders’ Magazine, who also created a variation of the Manhattan called the Poker. The Poker is very similar to the original Manhattan, but with a garnish and the addition of ginger ale.

While the Poker is similar to the original Manhattan, it is also very different than the Bartenders’ version, due to the addition of the gin. Many people consider the Bartenders’ Poker to be a lot different than the original Manhattan and a favorite among bartenders.

For me, I think the Martini is a great drink, and you can really taste the difference between the Bartenders’ Poker and the Jester’s Ruin. If you want a big drink, the Jester’s Ruin is an excellent choice, but the Bartenders’ Poker is a wonderful strong gin drink that’s perfect for some fun after a night on the town. Not only does it taste great, but the bartender’s twist on the Martini helps to bring out the natural flavor of the gin.