What Everyone Ought To Know About Amanda Musumeci

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Amanda Musumeci has become one of the best known and most sought after poker players around the world. She has been a mainstay at the WSOP for almost ten years now. It is hard to imagine her without her fabulous poker smile, bouncing giggle, and having an undeniable charisma that can light up a room. If you haven’t seen her perform on the televised tournament tables, you have probably never seen the real Amanda Musumeci!

When it comes to Amanda, there are few facts about her that we know for sure. However, there are some things that are common knowledge among many poker players who have watched her on television. Here are just a few of them.

Musumeci is a true-blue poker pro. She has won the World Series of Poker five times, and not one of those wins was a draw. She has won one of the more prestigious poker tournaments in the history of poker, the MGM Grand, while being a woman.

Amanda Musumeci is a human being with a high tolerance for stress. While many of us would be overcome by sleepless nights and all out binges, Amanda takes her play seriously and is willing to overcome it with gusto.

Amanda is probably best known for her bankroll. She has consistently been the bankroll leader at the WSOP. That means she has had a large bankroll most of the time and is consistently leading the money race at the WSOP.

Amanda Musumeci has truly enjoyed putting on a show every year at the WSOP. This may be for the game of poker, or it may be for the socializing with the poker pros. Either way, she has always had a good time.

Amanda is still on the hunt for her million dollar dream house. She has long considered moving into a piece of property she could live in as a poker pro, and it is always fun to imagine how she would raise it up and add some more poker room.

Musumeci is not afraid to admit that she is a woman who is open about her sexuality. She is also one of the few women on the planet who can be upfront about her pride and joys about being a poker pro.

Amanda is a die-hard Texas Hold’em fan. Even if it means that she will continue to play the “old school” version of the game, she has always enjoyed playing with more modern versions of the game.

Musumeci loves music and likes to dress up in elaborate outfits. It is her favorite. She is also a big fan of playing games on her computer, although not a lot of people know it.

Amanda Musumeci is a woman who has made a career out of her poker prowess. She has written a book about her life as a poker pro, and also has published several articles in several poker magazines about poker.

Amanda Musumeci is one poker player who is making history as she pursues her dream of becoming a poker pro. Hopefully, she will eventually come out of her closet as a poker pro and live up to the great career she has earned through her poker play.