Viktor Blom Book Review

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Viktor Blom is an author of many popular books. His latest book, Poker: A True Story, chronicles his journey from street hustler to professional poker player. The book provides insight into the world of poker and provides a unique perspective on the way, a poker player should behave.

Blom began as a street performer. A hustler, Blom started as a night watchman and worked his way up through being a walk-in, door-to-door salesman. Now, after many years of experience in various professions, Blom has written a book about his experiences that includes his background, tricks and tips for becoming a successful poker player.

Blom’s journey is a fascinating read that delves into many topics including how to build a marketing plan that will help you dominate the world of poker. It is also very interesting that the first book in the series, Poker: A True Story was published ten years ago and goes into detail about the game and its players.

Blom believes in the power of strategies. He explains the importance of creating a plan to play the best poker possible and it is good to be able to plan your actions prior to the actual playing of the game.

Blom covers a lot of different areas in his book including the importance of understanding the rules of the game, how to effectively play the game, how to manage your money and how to be a smart and strategic player. These are just a few of the topics covered in the book.

Poker is a great way to spend time and can be a great way to make some extra money at the same time. Blom’s book provides valuable information about becoming a successful poker player. Many lessons have been learned over the years that can help players become a better player.

Blom’s book covers many topics including dealing with nervousness before the big game, how to handle hands, how to deal with flops, how to handle big bets and how to deal with a pot. The information covered is very useful information for players who wish to become a successful poker player.

Bluffing is another important topic discussed in the book. Bluffing is another topic that was discussed in his previous book, Poker: A True Story. Bluffing is a strategy in poker that is not necessarily desirable but it can be done successfully in certain situations. Bluffing is used by many players to help them win pots.

Blimke is an experienced player of the game and has played for many years in many different casinos. This provides a unique perspective that is difficult to find in other books on the subject.

Blimke outlines a basic strategy that he uses when playing a hand. This can be used to help a player build their poker skills and learn which strategies work and which do not. Blimke’s techniques are very valuable in the ability to improve one’s game.

Blimke’s book is a must-read for all poker players. The strategies in this book are simple and easy to implement and will have a positive impact on how a player plays the game.

Blimke is an experienced player who has achieved his goals of becoming a pro poker player. His book covers many different topics that will be beneficial to any serious poker player. Viktor Blom has written an excellent book that is sure to be a valuable reference.