Two Pro Gamblers Join Forces to Publish a New Poker eBook

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Recently, it has been announced that Jennifer Harman, the author of the bestselling Poker for Dummies, has teamed up with Dave Pelzer, the author of the bestselling Poker for Beginners, to publish a new e-book entitled “Poker Strategy For The Regular Joe”. Jennifer Harman is on the authors list, but what exactly are their connections?

Both Dan Tarver and Jennifer Harman have been in the live tournament scene for many years. Dan Tarver was a high roller at Atlantic City’s Tropicana casino, where he had many positions, and also was a lecturer at Princeton. Jennifer Harman is a graduate of the University of Chicago and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Poker for Beginners is considered by many to be the definitive beginner’s guide to poker. It includes strategies for when to bluff, when to raise, when to take the early flop, and much more!

One of the most difficult aspects of this book to the beginner poker players is that Jennifer Harman lists a lot of reasons to do these things. However, the point here is that they’re not what everyone does. Jennifer Harman also offers some other strategies and secrets to help you improve your game as well.

In addition to their connections, Dan Tarver and Jennifer Harman also share a love of gambling and poker. This makes sense since they were both at the same casino in Vegas and were both able to win big money. This makes sense to me as well.

To me, the book’s purpose is to help teach the beginner poker player the basic strategies that will help them learn the game. It’s a very fast read and you can get through it in a day or two. The more experienced poker player will probably still refer to the second edition version as the book is still very up to date.

There is no doubt that this book is designed to teach. Therefore, I find it incredibly hard to believe that it was written and marketed solely for the purpose of increasing the sales of the poker instructional DVDs. As a matter of fact, if you try and download it free of charge (no strings attached) from the publisher’s website, then you’ll find that you can download the e-book for no more than sixty dollars!

Dan Tarver, the author of the e-book, has developed many additional bonus packages including exclusive videos and e-books. All of the bonus materials include material that Dan Tarver calls “Power Plays”. He explains how to play the Power Play.

I find the DVD’s the most useful course to get when learning the poker game. You get some practice, you get tips and tricks, you get to observe and make mistakes in front of a professional, and you get to watch the pros work the game. I have not seen a better way to learn the game!

Jennifer Harman and Dan Tarver are the authors of the Poker for Dummies series. This book has grown to become the industry standard for learning how to play the game of poker.

Jennifer Harman is also an expert at teaching others how to play the game of poker. She has a very impressive list of clients, and she has helped numerous others develop their skills as a poker player as well.

Both Dan Tarver and Jennifer Harman are professionals in their own right, and their books will help anyone who wants to improve their game of poker. Look for their books at your favorite online or brick and mortar book store.