The Secrets of Winning at Poker – What Eric Seidel Doesn’t Know

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Eric Seidel is a Canadian who found his niche in the poker world. Seidel has a knack for learning and understanding things in poker, and his expertise and experience have given him the ability to make a difference. So many times we hear about great players who are developing their game, but very few are willing to accept the responsibility of accepting this responsibility and taking them to the next level.

Eric is one of those. He has taken the games that were made for the players into his own and has created a place for himself to take the skill that he learned from playing the games and translate it into the real world.

He was introduced to poker at the age of eleven by his father and began to play at the same time as his brother. Soon enough he became the best player in the house, and after a while, the boys in the family too began to take notice.

Eric was invited to go to a school on a rugby scholarship. After being accepted, he decided to change colleges and finish his education, and then go to Harvard Business School. He never wanted to go back to college.

The reason behind this was because he was tired of having to work while studying. However, that’s when he met Erik Seidel. They started playing poker together and soon Seidel started playing with him.

Their paths crossed again when Eric was making a name for himself on PokerStars, and one day he invited Seidel to his college. They played, and Seidel played against Eric on the weekends.

Eric became very interested in Poker and wanted to understand the games as much as possible. Erik, on the other hand, knew he wanted to get better at the game, so he was eager to share his skills with Eric. Eventually, they got to the point where Erik had won more than a hundred thousand dollars on PokerStars.

Erik did what many of us do when they make a decision to invest in a particular industry, and he invested in PokerStars. He gave Seidel his first big break as Eric played on the full time US Team at the 2020 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

Erik and Seidel met several more times after that, and even though both agreed to play poker, they saw each other more as friends than partners. Seidel took over Seidel World Series of Poker, which led to his promotion to GM at that level. He played in both the WSOP Main Event and the World Series of Poker but wasn’t able to win the top prize.

Eric’s last big tournament with Seidel was at the National Cash Super Series which Eric won. From there, Eric stopped playing with Seidel at all and started competing as a solo player.

Eventually Erik felt that Seidel was moving on and wasn’t coming around to working as a team player, and he followed suit. For the past two years, Seidel has remained on the sidelines, winning some events but not doing as well as Eric has done.

So, why is Erik Seidel more successful than Eric Seidel? It’s because Erik took the necessary steps to develop his skills and not put them on hold when he felt as if they might die. Eric didn’t take the time to learn, let alone learn how to improve his game, and now Eric finds himself with a lot of capital that he hasn’t worked with before.