The Secret World of Women at the Card

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Victoria Coren is the author of “Poker: What Every Poker Player Needs to Know,” a great book that details the ins and outs of the game of poker. At the end of the day, I think her main strength is her attention to detail. I’d like to say that she has an uncanny ability to pick out the minutest detail in a game of poker, but the truth is that she has no photographic memory, and she has learned to read the signs of the body language in a person so that she can understand what they are trying to tell her.

Victoria Coren’s Poker: What Every Poker Player Needs to Know: The Hidden Truths and the Secret Strategies are a good book, and it presents the right amount of information for anyone who’s been around the poker scene for any length of time. There are the poker basics, there are the more esoteric techniques (card counting, soothsaying, etc.)

But there is also the little details that can make the difference between an amateur and a pro in the world of poker. For example, when people ask her, “How does one play poker better than another player?” she has no idea what they’re talking about. But with the help of videos from other people’s games, and her own observations, she’s able to answer these questions.

But in doing so, she provides both information and strategies. One of the reasons I’m drawn to Victoria Coren’s books is that they focus on learning and improving skills. It’s not about winning, but rather learning how to play better. And if you love poker, this might be the kind of book you’ve been looking for.

And, just like with poker, Victoria Coren teaches you how to choose the best poker players. This is actually a minor gripe, because it feels like a lot of authors try to assign certain personality traits to players based on how many tournaments they’ve played.

While it’s true that some players have a natural flair for winning, as opposed to being a good player, it’s certainly not true that all players possess the same level of skill. I’ve played thousands of hands of poker and have found the best players to be the ones who take risks and learn from their mistakes. In addition, if you’ve got a chance to meet them in person, you’ll see that they are very friendly and welcoming.

Victoria Coren and I have been playing poker for over two decades now, and we’ve also met in person, at the casino. While there is certainly some overlap in our personalities, she’s obviously much more outgoing than I am. I’d compare her to Brad Pitt in “Network,” but in a more gentle way.

In fact, Victoria Coren’s life is a story of how poker really works. She was born in Montreal, to parents who were both in the pharmaceutical industry. Her father was an MD and her mother worked for the company.

After graduating from McGill University, she had a slight accident that forced her to quit school and pursue her ambition of becoming a doctor. After earning her medical degree, she moved to New York City, where she worked as a research assistant for some of the world’s leading companies. After her accident, she began playing poker online and learned that there were plenty of up-and-coming players as well.

In addition to running her own business, she played regularly and amassed quite a reputation as a good poker player. But it wasn’t until she met others who play online poker that she realized how much she missed playing against other people. She decided to start organizing events at places like the Casino Club in Toronto, where online poker enthusiasts from all over the world meet up. Once she started doing this, she realized how much fun she had playing poker, and that there were some people who were actually becoming addicted to it.

So, Victoria Coren made a decision that she felt would benefit her and the poker community more than anything else: she decided to start a website devoted to promoting female poker players. her favourite game. It’s called Women at the Card, and it’s located at, and there are dozens of players who play the game online each week.