The Poker Mind: How to Win in Any Game by Thinking Like a Poker Pro by Jared Jaffee

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My most recent book, The Poker Mind: How to Win in Any Game by Thinking Like a Poker Pro, is dedicated to Jared Jaffee. Jaffee is considered the “Godfather” of the modern study of “intuitive-style” game play.

In fact, I asked him to be on the first season of the Showtime series Poker Masters. As a skeptic, he was always appalled by the portrayal of professional poker players. He was very interested in the research that I did for the book and asked me to produce an audio book version so people could hear about his method of being a professional player.

I called Jared up and we had a wonderful conversation about what this new audio book will be like. You will also hear about his work with the Dave Ramsey Institute, which offers men a powerful opportunity to change their financial lives for the better. It’s truly amazing what his life has been like, but I have some exciting news for all of you.

It turns out that Jared is now in his first year as the Executive Director of the Dave Ramsey Institute! He is a master at what he does and I am very excited about the chance to work with him and the other great professionals at the institute.

Jared is such a good entrepreneur and mentor that he is helping to take the American economy to a place where everyone is benefited. It is very possible that if all of us just knew how to play poker like Jared, our lives would be very different. His newest initiative, the Jared Jaffee Institute, will focus on helping men be financially free.

Step one is to use the power of one’s mind. I believe that every man can learn to be a much better poker player. Yes, there are many great psychologists who study the mental game of poker. But there are many great players who can teach us the mental techniques necessary to be a better player.

We each have a unique, talented, “inner guru” inside of us who can help create wealth and prosperity. The individual creates wealth by knowing the patterns of the Universe and being able to understand when to act based on those patterns. This is called intuition and this is what Jared Jaffee is teaching us about.

This understanding will allow each of us to “play” the cards that we are dealt. At the same time, we must have the ability to “cut” the “chaff” and lose the “feed.” Of course, the whole game of poker includes “the odds” and making the right moves.

The great news is that Jared Jaffee has gathered all of the material that he needs to give away to the world. They will be in his new audio book, “The Poker Mind,” which will be available shortly.

The second step is to apply what he has learned from his personal studies and you will see results. I think this is the point at which everyone should really take action and get rid of the “chaff” that is slowing down our progress.

The third step is to take the material and apply it to your life and in the end your life will change. These steps are not as difficult as you might think.

You are getting a great gift by listening to this audio book. You will learn how to create wealth and use your intuitive mind. Those are the two words that I use to describe his new book, The Poker Mind: How to Win in Any Game by Thinking Like a Poker Pro.