The Passion Of Andrew Chen

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When it comes to the game of poker, Andrew Chen is an avid enthusiast. He has spent thousands of hours studying and practicing the game.

He admits that he hasn’t yet realized his full potential. But he’s still determined to chase his dream.

Poker was introduced to the world in the year 1847 by John Hodgson. Since then, it has been experiencing rapid growth.

However, it is said that more than ninety percent of players are from Asia. Although the majority of poker players in the United States have taken up the game of poker professionally, many others are trying to pursue the game of poker.

The good sign is that Andrew Chen is a success in poker. He even won the World Series of Poker twice, once with the winning combination of Angelo Chelese and Christopher Ferguson.

With the help of these two, he beat a professional poker player, Dave Pasquesi. That is considered to be a great achievement for the Asian. In fact, Chen started playing poker since he was about thirteen years old.

Chen is able to stick to the game of poker for a long time because he focuses on the details. His study and practice paid off.

Not only that, his hard work paid off. Aside from the two World Series of Poker victories, he has won hundreds of stakes in different online poker tournaments.

In addition to winning online poker tournaments, Chen also has his own blog about poker. It’s one of the most popular poker blog sites in the world, especially for those who play the game.

His poker blog allows him to exchange his thoughts about poker and shares his experiences as well. It’s an excellent source of information.

Besides all this, he has also gained much popularity through his online poker tournaments. And there is no way he can hide it – poker is his passion.