The Legend Of DonaldGruissem

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Donald “Phili” Gruissem is a legend in the world of poker. Born in Zaire, he was brought up playing poker at a very young age. He even got his first real poker card when he was just seven years old. It was not long before he got his first taste of professional poker action.

What led to an incredible poker career that took him all over the world? While the details of his life are indeed amazing, his origins as a poker player can be summed up in two words: Magic:

He said it better than I ever could. Because I had never met him or read about him, I do not know if there is anything quite like him. He is almost the epitome of everything you would want in a poker player.

His story, especially with poker is fascinating. Although he got off to a very slow start in poker, eventually making it big, his career as a professional poker player did not take off until the mid-eighties.

In fact, most of his poker success happened during the eighties, when the poker had never been this popular. The reason for this is simple: The game was just starting to boom, thanks to the emergence of people like Donald “The Mouth” Gruissem. No one knew how big it would become, or how long it would last. However, no one ever doubted that poker would be huge for the rest of its existence.

That is also when Donald Gruissem gained fame among poker players. He became one of the game’s pioneers, especially when it came to playing international tournaments. He was on his way to becoming a legend, and he got a taste of it with such games as the World Series of Poker, and the Internet.

One of the many games he played was the famous World Series of Poker. Here he became a super-star, where he made the final table for the final three times. On the first two occasions, he lost his bets and went to the fifth round, but won the final table and the title.

Among those big names, Goliath was also his name. Because of his prowess in tournaments, he was well known as the strongest player in the World Series.

His biggest trait, though, may be his people skills. Donald Gruissem could tell when something was wrong with a fellow player, and he was always trying to help players overcome their struggles. Even if he lost his chips, and even if his tournament run ended in the sixth round, he would always try to motivate his fellow players by teaching them how to play better.

Of course, it is very difficult to become a millionaire overnight, and that’s why you should never forget that some of your victories might come with the big bucks of loss. However, Donald Gruissem did not lose to many of the best poker players around the world. He did beat them, and he did walk away with a massive prize.

Another of Donald Gruissem’s exploits is in poker books. He wrote several of his own books that were written mainly about his life as a poker player.

Like his fellow poker player Giallo, Donald Gruissem has gone on to write many other books about poker players. His name is now synonymous with the game of poker, and that’s a good thing. No one can deny that his passion is in the game of poker.