The Handcrafted Chef Continues to Reign Over The History Of Darryll Fish’s Invincibles

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Don Darryll Fish is the author of the fourth generation bar-tending legacy and winner of many outstanding restaurant awards, including the James Beard Award for Best Chef, and the Ponderosa Steak House award for Outstanding Chef. His World Class restaurants have earned four Michelin stars, and his Bar-B-Q restaurants of Liberty Farm, Prairie Market, Old Red Mound, and Buffalo Bayou have earned three star ratings.

Darryll’s focus as a chef has been on his love of the outdoors. He owns and operates the three seasonally updated recreational vehicle and horse-drawn carriage resorts, Prairie-Market, Old Red Mound, and The Stables. He also owns and operates several campgrounds, offering him the opportunity to experience outdoor camping in the great outdoors.

In addition to opening world class restaurants, Darryll has produced award winning bar-b-q at Old Red Mound, Liberty Farm, and Ponderosa Steak House. These restaurants combine a strong sense of traditional Southern food with an exotic flair for Mexican, Asian, or European cuisines. His Bar-B-Q restaurants make a unique, personal connection with diners by making them feel as if they are in the midst of a living, breathing southern Texas gourmet culinary experience.

However, the greatest accomplishment of Don Darryll Fish’s career was opening Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine. Named for the great American cookbook author who started it all back in 1931, Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine is currently one of the best steak houses in Houston. It is renowned for its tried and true beef and barbeque recipes, along with delicious dishes from the foods of around the world.

The pride of Darryll’s Fish’s career is that he started the restaurant in 1977, while still working as a playwright in New York City. He found success with his first restaurant, and many decades later, it still remains a popular Houston spot for high-end steakhouses and fine dining.

Another original concept of Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine is the Ed Grace’s Kitchen. It’s not exactly the same as the restaurant itself, but the concept works. You can go there for a comfort food meal, or for a sophisticated dinner.

You can expect great customer service with all the high end ingredients available to you, just like at Ed Grace’s Kitchen. It’s a great way to enjoy the delicious flavors of your favorite food.

There is so much to do in Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine, it’s no wonder that it consistently ranks in the top five restaurants in Houston for their many excellent dining experiences. From the fantastic collection of hand-selected wines and beers, to the services and gourmet cuisine, you can’t help but be drawn in.

The most impressive thing about Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine is that it continues to be a fantastic place to eat. Don Darryll Fish has inspired thousands of people through his work, and a number of those generations have kept the family recipe alive.

So, when you’re looking for the next great gourmet dining experience, it’s easy to find the perfect Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine dining option for you. From the farm-to-table style to the upscale offerings, you will have a gourmet meal to remember. At Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine, it’s all about quality and the best in cuisine.

The Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine chef-owner has a passion for what he does, and always does his best to give the absolute best service and experience possible. You can be sure you will enjoy every moment of dining at Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine.

Don Darryll Fish’s incredible restaurant legacy continues to be the same for every member of the Darryll family. We know you’ll fall in love with Ed Grace’s Palace of Fine Cuisine as soon as you step inside and experience their amazing menu, delicious food, and warm hospitality.