The Best Books on Poker Strategy

Poker Articles

The Memory of Marc Ladouceur is available in a paperback, hardback and eBook version. Each edition contains the original material that has been edited for easier reading.

“A Counter for the Poker Players” is a review of the Card Player Magazine. It covers the history of card playing, history of Las Vegas, how poker is played, rules of poker, who the professionals are, how to get good cards and how to play the game of poker. If you are a gambler looking for a game where you can win big and play conservatively, this book is not for you.

“The Art of Poker” by Robert Yates is a short book on poker strategy. Robert Yates is a veteran of the game of poker and he’s gone through all the rules of poker as well as winning the game of poker. “The Art of Poker” is a short book. In fact, it is one of the shortest books I’ve ever read on poker strategy.

“Mastering the Game of Poker” by Phil Hellmuth is a short book on poker. The techniques are the same as in “The Art of Poker” but the time allowed to read it is much shorter. There are even sections where Hellmuth makes up his own rules of poker.

“The Art of Poker – Volume One” by David G. Blaine is another short book on poker. This is a compilation of Blaine’s stories from the years of poker experience. It has the same style as “The Art of Poker” but this is just eight stories in total. It is interesting to know that Blaine thinks of himself as a poker legend.

“Poker Strategy: The Basics” by Wayne Gretzky is an updated version of his classic work on poker strategy. His style is entertaining, but he does have some information that might be too easy to understand. It is full of tips and tricks and an overall good review on poker strategy.

“The Poker Maker” by Ross Haraszek is the second part of his classic book on poker. Like the first book, this book is full of humor and details on playing the game of poker. His style is simple but this is a fun read.

“The Fundamentals of Winning in Poker” by Jerome Cote is another book on poker strategy. He gives hints to those players who want to know how to win at poker. This book is the sequel to “The Fundamentals of Winning in Poker.”

“Understanding the Game of Poker” by Kevin O’Leary is a book on how to play poker. Like the first book, it is more of a direct approach to learn poker strategies than a general book on poker.

“Play Poker Like a Pro” by Dave Miller is another book on poker. It is a very short book with over 200 pages but the content is great. A good review for the book.

“Hearts and Minds: Playing Poker Like a Pro” by Jim Conte is a book on poker that comes to you in e-book form. It provides step by step techniques to learn and play poker. It also has another e-book called “The Poker Factor: How to Win at Poker” by John R. Makin.

“The French Connection: L’Ami du Casino” by Marc Ladouceur is another book on poker. There are some titles on poker strategy, that are very good and some that are complete filler. This is good and I recommend it to anyone who has interest in playing poker or even just playing in general.