The Artwork of Manig Loeser – The Drawing of Poker Room

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It’s no secret that Manig Loeser has been making a name for himself in the world of poker. Manig Loeser is best known for winning the World Series of Poker (WSOP) twice, as well as for his masterful play and poker career. If you are one of those fans who considers Poker to be not only a game of skill, but also a true art form, then you may not be aware of the fact that Manig Loeser, in addition to his masters, is a very accomplished artist. He is an award-winning painter who draws his inspiration from the sights, sounds, and smells of poker.

What could possibly get any player to want to paint poker? Well, there are a few reasons. First, poker is such a great sport to be a part of, and it is able to involve people from all walks of life, including artists.

This drawing by Manig Loeser is a sketch of what he painted on the fourth floor of a famous casino, a casino owned by a well-known poker player. You will see that the colors are a little bolder than one would normally expect, but they fit the poker room beautifully. From the poker table to the walls and ceiling, it was all about the poker theme.

Even his hat and jacket in the background, with the balls of the hats spinning in the air, make you wonder what he might have painted had he chosen the white and blue color scheme. The tables were dressed in the same shade of greens as well, just as if he had gone through the trouble of designing them.

Of course, that wouldn’t make much sense at all, but we are talking about the game of poker here. And that makes this a true piece of art.

The next thing you will notice when you look at the drawing is the poker table itself. Manig Loeser chose to paint this table with his signature black and gray, adding details like a black and white pen and ink, so that it would stand out in the black and gray of the poker room. This alone shows his skills as a skilled painter.

What could the next thing be that you might notice in the painting of a poker room? Perhaps, the hallway leading to the poker room or a sign pointing to the poker room? You never know, you may even spot your favorite poker player in the drawing.

All throughout this painting, you can see the trademark style of Manig Loeser, which is very “artistic”. Not only does he use color to accentuate certain pieces of the paintings, but he also uses them to draw your attention to other important aspects of the painting, like the iconic poker table.

So, what exactly is the connection between the paintings, Manig Loeser and poker? Is poker the same as art?

There is a clear connection between the two, especially the inspiration that they both share. With a little bit of effort, you can easily learn the style of art that Manig Loeser draws on a daily basis from poker.

If you are looking for the next great poker artist, then find yourself a copy of the Drawing of Poker Room, available on, and start watching your favorite game of poker play itself on the television. For the next few weeks, enjoy watching how Manig Loeser paints his version of poker, and eventually the next master poker player may even find themselves drawn to this artwork.

The Drawing of Poker Room can be found on and is a truly fantastic piece of artwork. There is nothing that Manig Loeser, or any other poker artist, would not do for their artwork.