Steve Pini’s Poker Strategy (PST) eBook Series Review

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Steve Pini is best known for his work on the Poker Strategy (previously known as Poker Strategy – The Ultimate Study) eBook series that he released earlier this year. But now he’s taking the same game to online poker. His first release of the Poker Strategy (PST) eBook series, Poker Strategy – Online includes lessons from five different professional players including a tournament winner. This version is intended for the more advanced player.

Like the PST eBook series, Steve Pini’s Poker Strategy (PST) is another “learn to play” eBook series designed to teach the amateur and intermediate poker player what he or she needs to know to become a great player. It’s like a video game, he says. Online poker teaches you how to play by teaching you how to play.

To learn how to play poker efficiently, Steve Pini puts you in the shoes of a beginner. You must pick up as much information from this strategy eBook as you possibly can, so that you’ll have a good head start on the learning curve.

The first lesson in the Poker Strategy (PST) eBook is the beginner’s tournament advice. Here Steve Pini explains that you don’t have to compete in every tournament. He stresses that winning just one tournament doesn’t guarantee you a solid foundation. And after that, it’s all up to you.

The next lesson in the Poker Strategy (PST) eBook is on poker hands. It’s a good lesson on choosing the right poker hand to maximize your winnings.

If you’re a new player, you might want to consider playing “spoilers”. In this lesson, Steve Pini explains about “K” hands, where K stands for kings, queens, and Aces. These are the best hands you can play and when you play them, you’re going to be rewarded with big, reliable, but short-term winnings.

The next lesson is on “following the plan”. If you follow the plan, you’ll win consistently.

The third lesson is on Variation Poker. This form of poker is known for its variety and being able to adapt to what your opponents do.

The final lesson in the Poker Strategy (PST) eBook is about gambling and it’s called “Gambling Tips”. Here Steve Pini shows you how to use his own gambling experience to win big, and with ease. He’ll explain how to recognize players’ bets, the secret weapons used in your favor, and how to make the most of each poker hand.

In the last part of the Poker Strategy (PST) eBook, Steve Pini gives you tips on how to track and evaluate your play. For instance, if you’re losing, he’ll give you ways to improve your skills. If you’re winning, he’ll help you find the best possible method for making even more money.

One of the greatest things about Poker Strategy (PST) is that Steve Pini is willing to share his secrets and tricks with other poker players. His willingness to share everything he knows is refreshing. And this will only make Steve Pini even more popular among other poker players.

Steve Pini has made some of the best poker strategy books of recent years. The Poker Strategy (PST) eBook series, Poker Strategy – Online, is no exception. So if you want to become a top-level poker player, don’t hesitate to check out the new material.