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Brian Harms founded The Chipfish Poker Club and his online poker site, Sizzle Poker, in 2020. Harms is the author of “The Poker Club” and the founder of The Chipfish. He has started to grow his client base over the past few years and now offers the same software service with their own platform. The club is one of the fastest growing poker rooms in the world.

Harms and Sizzle Poker opened their New York location in 2020, which is not only a destination for poker players but also a meeting place for traditional Las Vegas casinos to visit as well. Harms says the business case for Las Vegas casinos visiting his location is “clearly compelling.” Harms claims his popularity in the gambling community has led to expansion into other online rooms such as the Poker Room at MySpace and the Poker Network.

Harms says the reason he is so popular is that he has developed an expertise in how to present the online game to poker aficionados. He describes himself as the “old-school, poker hands-on, playing machine” in addition to being the best online player in the world. Harms views himself as a superstar, making him one of the most valuable players in the world.

As part of Harms’ mentoring program, the Penny Stocks Course was created. This class has helped veteran players to get better at the “four horsemen” of poker, as Harms describes them.

Harms says his first lesson was to say yes to poker, to play poker. He had a gift for seeing what people wanted to play when they asked him to play in particular types of poker games.

He came from a poker background, late nineties. This involved a lot of travel to different places where he would test his skill and read the competition. This travel enabled him to play the different kinds of poker against better players. This experience helped him to improve in all aspects of the game.

Harms says he was attracted to the online poker scene because of the wide variety of players it attracts. Many players are not familiar with the different varieties of poker, and that provides a good opportunity for experienced players to learn how to interact with them.

The Penny Stocks Course, also known as the CTS (Club To The Stars) class, trains players to interact with other poker players. The class teaches players how to gain respect in online poker rooms by knowing the ropes.

For instance, the poker players who are new to the online poker scene will find themselves at a disadvantage if they do not have any other skills to speak of. The CTS trainees are taught how to deal with these situations, and they learn how to make friends with other poker players. These friendships provide the network effect necessary to succeed in online poker.

Harms also works with online poker enthusiasts to improve their skills in various poker variants. Players who participate in these online workshops receive specific training in regards to how to understand how the game works, how to formulate a plan, and how to respond to certain situations.

The CTS class at The Poker Club and Sizzle Poker allows its participants to take part in online social networking. Harms says this training with his classroom players teaches people the art of “socializing with strangers.” The art of conversing with strangers is a valuable skill to have in the online poker scene.

While many top poker pros live in Las Vegas, few of them have a physical presence there. Their online presence helps to draw players and customers. For example, the successful Steve Oelsner mentions that Las Vegas is more of a resort than a casino city.