Shaun Deeb – Not Just a World Series of Poker Prodigy

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Shaun Deeb has been playing poker for most of his life. He is a famous contestant on the Poker Master television show. He is also a former world No.1 in the sport.

It was at one of the first poker tournaments in America that Shaun Deeb was introduced to the game of poker. Although he didn’t play much, he said it brought him to life. The feeling he got from playing poker was “the thrill of victory and the thrill of defeat.” It was the thrill of winning that made him enjoy the game.

Poker became an obsession for Shaun Deeb, and he started playing tournaments every chance he got. He joined poker leagues and made friends with some of the world’s best players. As he grew in the game, he was going to more difficult tournament fields.

He admits that he still can’t quite figure out why he enjoys playing poker so much. Many people who take up the game are soon too competitive. After just a few rounds, they can feel the pressure of playing for a winning hand.

It was after winning a large tournament at a poker club that Shaun Deeb decided he wanted to try his luck on the World Series of Poker. He went from a strong amateur player to a super-star in just a few short years. Now he has been known as one of the top world class poker players.

When you think about it, many people would consider Shaun Deeb to be a poker prodigy. He has been called the ‘Mr. Poker’ because of how successful he has become.

Now Shaun Deeb is not just playing the game of poker. He is a businessman. He has been working in corporate America for nearly 20 years. He has built a vast network of connections.

Now Shaun Deeb wants to help others achieve their dreams. He is the chairman of a non-profit organization called the Association of Poker Professionals. He has helped them set up their website and help spread the word about what they are all about.

Shaun Deeb wants to help other poker players to learn from his own experiences in the game. It’s clear that he really does want to share his success.

If you have heard of poker before but never considered taking it seriously, Shaun Deeb might be right for you. There are lessons to be learned from him and there are many perks to be had from playing the game.

You may even be able to win the game if you know how to play it. This is how Shaun Deeb began. It’s likely that you’ll find something to love about the game and maybe even get a great deal of personal satisfaction by joining the poker community.

Shaun Deeb has shown that poker can be fun and profitable. It is a sport that can bring together the worlds of business and the gaming world. With his experience and love for the game, Shaun Deeb can be a big help to those looking to improve their chances at winning at the World Series of Poker.