Sam Stein – A Beginner’s Guide To Poker

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Poker Face by Sam Stein, is an internationally recognized poker player, broadcaster and author. His subject matter includes many important facets of the game including strategy, thinking on your feet, and a solid understanding of how the game is played and won. Many of these ideas have been applied in tournaments and also in informal encounters with poker players.

Stein describes in great detail the three main players in a poker hand, namely the flop, the turn and the river. This overview is important for any player to be familiar with so that they can evaluate a given situation.

Poker for beginners is made easy by Sam Stein. He discusses the different kinds of hands and tells the players how to handle each one. This is very important since poker is a game that has many twists and turns and it’s better to have a solid foundation.

He also explains the most common types of hands and how they should be handled in a particular situation. For example, a player may hold a straight when the flop contains an ace. Stein teaches players to be aware of the “tells” that are out there in the game and to take advantage of them.

Other topics in Poker Face include determining how good a player is and how well they’ve done in the past. Stein provides insight on how these two things are related. The standard deviation and win percentage provide some useful information about a player.

An analysis of a player’s table is also given in the book. This usually provides a clear picture of how a player has done over the course of the tournament. This helps a player to identify any weak spots in their play that they should work on.

Some poker players may want to keep the information in this book at arm’s length. They feel that poker is a highly competitive field. So, they think that knowing all the ins and outs of a particular situation would be a huge disadvantage.

However, Sam Stein believes that poker is an evolving game. It needs constant improvement from its players. Therefore, he does not feel that any player should hold back information that could help them improve their game.

Another advantage of Poker Face is that it tells the player what they should do. For example, there is a section that explains how to call a bluff. This is a very common technique that a lot of poker players don’t know about. Stein explains exactly how to do it and why it’s effective.

Many poker players also want to learn how to make a successful bet. Stein provides valuable advice on how to do this. His information on how to choose the best bet can be critical for successful wagers in any tournament.

A final chapter contains detailed information on how to raise a hand that was not called. This is an important technique for any player because a raised hand that wasn’t called is likely to turn out to be a great hand. Stein details the rules for calling and then providing information on how the raise is perceived by other players.

Poker Face by Sam Stein is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to know more about how to handle a poker hand. Even if you’re not a player, this book will have practical tips for all levels of players.