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PokerDangal is a friend I created on Facebook. He’s a complete, kind, generous, funny, smart and generous person who can really make friends laugh, especially if you’re a newcomer to the game of poker.

Hello, PokerDangal! It’s been a while since we first joined, so I’m sure that we’ve made lots of new friends along the way. We also made a few new enemies along the way and he did his best to become more understanding of our opinions (which, admittedly, weren’t always good).

The moment I found out he was my friend, I started deleting my friends from my News Feed in an effort to get rid of all the obnoxious humans that I didn’t want to deal with anymore. It was a slow process that eventually worked.

However, I still wanted to hear from him about what he was up to and why he was doing great things in life. So I created a Friend Request that said, “Hi, my name is pokerdangal. I’m a cool dude.”

Within minutes, his friend request had been approved and he was ready to start the chat. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t throw him into a specific room and say, “Come talk to me over there.”

He was more than happy to talk to me on a casual level, as long as I didn’t play any games with him. That’s what he likes best.

So when it came time for me to join him, he asked if I was interested in playing Poker against him. He said he was already at the local poker hall, so I decided to go play poker with him.

For me, poker just wasn’t as big of a deal when compared to social media. I figured I’d find a place where I could play with friends and people I already knew, but there weren’t a lot of places like that. But then, I looked on my news feed and saw someone from our poker league playing.

After I found out I was going to be able to check out the venue, I checked out PokerDangal’s Facebook page and found the other guys. When I told them that I was going to be playing with him, they said I should join the league.

After I joined, the thought of meeting the group and trying to become friends with them was incredibly exciting. It was almost as if I never left Facebook; all I did was to socialize with people I already knew. As fun as it was, I realized I would have to make my presence known in the group to fully get involved.

It became clear to me that I needed to make PokerDangal’s Facebook profile my own. It wasn’t until I started thinking of ways to include his friends in the conversation that I finally managed to come up with a way to get them involved.

I started posting his updates on Facebook because that’s how I usually am. I figured that if the guys who really know him are talking about him, that there was a pretty good chance that he was talking about himself.