Poker Tip – “Johnny Chan’s” Strategy

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Johnny Chan is known for his dance moves and for making his opponents lose their cash. One of the most recent moves he has picked up from his mentors is his trademark “shoot first” tip. Although it is nothing new in the poker world, it is something that most poker players have not heard before.

It’s been said that poker teaches you how to be a winner. But what is “shoot first” in poker, and how does it apply in real life? The purpose of this article is to teach readers how to play poker with such tactics.

One of the best things about poker is the money you can earn. Winning in poker is not about hand strength, it is about strategy. The poker player who knows when to strike or fold, who takes chances and who takes risks to win will soon find himself rich beyond his wildest dreams. Playing poker is all about playing with winning strategy.

By knowing when to strike, and by knowing when to fold, the poker player can easily determine the right situations to play in. For example, if you are up against a pro player and they have a huge stack of chips and they are going to fold, you may want to consider raising him to get some chips. If you are not so much aggressive, and you know the opponent will fold, and you are sure that your opponent will not be all-in (which means that he does not expect to spend his stack), then you can play for value.

There are also situations where you should never raise a player who is all-in, even if you are already behind in chips. Most poker players know this tactic and many never get it wrong. All it takes is one or two bad bets in a row, or even one or two big blinds, and your whole game plan is thrown out the window.

Of course, this does not mean that you should not ever call a player who is all-in. The only exception is if the odds are very low and you can beat them handily. You don’t want to constantly check them for value, because you never know when they will bluff or just fold.

Let’s talk a little bit about a strategy that we’ve learned from Johnny Chan. “All-in raises,” as it is often called, are usually used to take advantage of an opponent who has played very aggressively. If he has overstayed his welcome, an all-in raise is often used to force him into a bad bet (or give him a bad stack).

Using the pot as your third bet, you could try raising aces for two-to-one, or one or two pairs. If the other guy has yet to have a chance to call, it is a good move to make. Since this type of all-in is unlikely to be called, it allows you to go with value and go for value.

The “all-in push” is usually done with three odd-size blinds. An opponent will then be forced to raise, risking two big blinds to catch up. Although this strategy is not usually popular, it is quite effective if you go with Johnny Chan’s wise advice.

If you do the all-in push against a strong opponent, you will probably be called. Although this gives you the slight edge (against a higher rated player) it could be a losing proposition. But if you know that your opponent is not going to call, you can always call his bet and take the pot.

Poker is not the only game that allows you to play poker with such tactics. In fact, poker is just one of several games where you can do this. If you are a beginner, however, it is a good idea to learn these skills, since it will give you the edge when it comes to playing against better players.

Poker is a game of instinct and luck. The next time you play poker, try playing this way and see how you like it. You might just come up with a new poker strategy that works for you!