Poker: The Game of Kings by Lucille Cailly

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Lucille Cailly has written a book about poker called Poker: The Game of Kings. I won’t waste time analyzing the validity of this book. I’ll just say that if you are not already a poker fan, this book may change your mind.

Lucille Cailly has been playing poker for about thirty years. She was featured in an online article written by David Clark about her. In it, he states, “Lucille Cailly is one of the world’s best-known female poker players. Lucille made a name for herself as a number two at the Grand Royal Hotel in London and it was not until later that she revealed her true identity.”

Lucille Cailly started playing poker to make ends meet and later changed to poker as a full-time job. She says, “it was all about work,”

She tells of one successful poker career where her husband left her for another woman and she was almost divorced. “I didn’t stop him from leaving but I still had some kind of control.”

Lucille Cailly is passionate about women’s issues, so there are many cases of sexism in her book. One example is in the chapter titled “When It’s All Over” which discusses “The Making of Me.” You know the book is bad when her husband takes off with Lucille for Jamaica!

I agree with Lucille Cailly when she says, “Most women never think about being a ‘husband or wife.’ You are allowed the luxury of being a ‘friend’ to your children, but it can be quite hard to make the transition into ‘husband and wife.’

What should you do when you are first married? Lucille Cailly says, “Think about that, no need to think about your future husband! You should keep things casual.”

In Lucille Cailly’s second book, titled “Rocking Your Sex life,” she talks about how she discovered that she wasn’t a lesbian. She says, “The other women who knew me were just as surprised as I was, but everyone looked surprised when I came out.”

The next time you read the next book in the series, you will be happy to hear that she realizes that there is more to her than being a friend to her children. She tells us, “As I look back I am beginning to see more in myself than the friend, and many of the things I look for in a friend have not changed.”

In her third book, titled “Staying Power: A mother’s quest to recover” Lucille Cailly talks about how she felt after her mother died. She says, “There was a desire to see the world and to go out and have adventures and once I went on an adventure I got more acquainted with my sexuality.”

Another chapter that inspired Lucille Cailly is the one entitled “Shared Experiences.” She tells us, “I always loved the concept of sharing experiences but at the same time I’ve been rather reluctant to make any sort of effort to share them.

I sometimes feel like it’s part of my nature to be reserved or even shy and when I am talking to somebody, I worry that I might get self-conscious. Writing these chapters made me realize that although I would never be able to turn into a sex god I did have a story to tell.”