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André Akkari, is an international television host, reporter, actor, writer, movie producer, and also the person behind Poker Stratego. He is also one of the game’s creators and the creator of the game they are both living together now in the United States. He is also a respected broadcaster for a lot of world class players including, Seve, Stefan and Sloane.

Poker, as we all know, is a game that demands a lot of skill, strategy and perfect execution. One of the best strategies would be to use the best pair of hands in a hand. This is the strategy behind the ‘Pair’ technique that André A. AKKARI is known for.

Poker strategy, paired with the skills and in particular with the psychology of Poker can go a long way to help a player win against a very tough opponent and a strong adversary. André AKKARI started Poker with his friend Steve Silberman while Steve was playing poker at Harvard University.

The game is known for its popularity not only in the US but also in Europe. Many people feel it is too close to gambling. There are rules in poker that are clear and are used by players all the time. However there are many differences as well.

Ace in the Hole, where you have two cards face up in your hand is called Ace in the Hole. The ace on the table refers to the nine card dealt to you. So, if you have the Ace of Spades and an Ace of Clubs then you will be called Ace of Spades.

Flop, turn and river are calling the ‘courts’. Flop is dealt face up and the dealer reveals a face up card. If the card is not a straight orflush then it is put into the pocket as a straight or flush.

The first suit of the flop is always suit A. These suits are called the ‘face cards’ and are dealt according to the sequence.

If you are dealt the highest card from the deck then you know what suit you are in. You could choose to turn over your card or wait until the next dealer calls.

You then look to see which of the next three opponents has the highest card in the ‘face’ position on the face down flop. If you do not have a straight or flush then you may call the remaining opponent who has a straight or flush, a button, if you have the next to last card.

The third round of the three comes when the second to last card in the face position has a straight or flush. If you have the face card then you could play the next suit which is the ace or aces. After this round of betting, the deck of cards is used up.

The next face up card is called the ‘Turn’ and then the third round of betting begins. There are a variety of combinations in this round that makes it a very difficult task for the poker player.

Remember, Ace of Spades means 9 and Ace of Hearts mean 10. The last combination can be considered as the final combination. André AKKARI said: “Every player in a tournament in poker, every one, after every showdown is very similar to a second grade school student: nervous, he or she folds his cards at the last moment, nervous, he or she begins to feel doubt in his or her mind about the decision, nervous, he or she proceeds to think about the process to be taken, sweaty, nervous, he or she gets more confused, to take and more confusion, he or she subconsciously makes a bad decision, nervous, he or she adds another card, nervous, he or she gets nervous again, sweating. that is exactly what is happening in poker.”