Poker Strategy by David Benyamine

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David Benyamine is an internationally known poker player who has won a few million dollars. He is also the author of two best selling books about poker. In this article I am going to talk about his two best selling books.

He goes into great detail in both Poker and Winning, with an introduction by Phil Hellmuth. The book does include a comprehensive study of poker, but its focus is on poker strategy.

That said, it does have a real key to becoming a winning poker player, which he lays out in his writing. It is something that even professional players who are often playing for a living, try to avoid when they go into the poker room.

David Benyamine says, “You have to practice patience”. If you really want to be a good poker player, this is one thing you need to understand. Patience is something that many people can’t seem to practice, and it can be very detrimental to your chances of making money in poker.

When you are waiting for someone to play their hand, you are giving up more chances of winning, because you have already chosen what cards to call. This can work against you in a large number of situations, so if you really want to be a winning poker player, don’t wait for your opponent to play their hand, just beat them before they do.

David Benyamine says, “No limit Texas Holdem is no place for superstars”. If you have been to a tournament and you have been playing in a tournament that limits the number of players to ten, you have probably found yourself watching some really strong players, and some average players with mediocre skills.

David Benyamine says that for every four people at the table who can play poker, there is an equal number of people who cannot play poker. The number of people who can play poker is the same as the number of people who cannot play poker.

What he did in his book, is that he laid out a complete poker study program that could be used to get any skill level into the game. It would take a year to complete, but the programs would cover all the areas of poker, from holding, to betting, to bluffing.

He compares poker to any other sport, and he says, “You can’t learn poker the way you learn other sports.” It takes years of study and constant practice, to learn any sport, and to become a better poker player.

Of course, David Benyamine is far from alone in his stance that poker is a difficult game to master. Many other people have looked at poker as being a tough game to be played, but to still produce good players.

Many people have written books on poker and have used some of the strategies and tactics that David Benyamine covers in his books. They argue that he was not the only person to develop poker strategies, and that there are many people who are much better than him.

However, the evidence suggests that David Benyamine is probably correct. I am sure that you can come up with your own explanations as to why people like him can make such a good living at poker, but personally I think it is because he makes poker a challenging and fun game.