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Frank Kassela is the founder of the GDS Technologies, a world leader in the field of gambling software and online gaming. It is his goal to provide the most accurate and up-to-date online gaming software available on the market today. He believes that his business can eliminate many of the problems and opportunities associated with gambling, while at the same time benefiting all parties involved. Kassela states that he wants to bring an end to bad press surrounding gambling, as well as draw a line between good online poker and bad online poker.

Kassela has been working in the online poker industry for over ten years. When he started he was forced to make do with what was available at the time, but now has access to the largest database of cards, game histories, and statistics that exists anywhere. His goal is to use the available resources to create the most authentic and usable online poker experience possible.

Poker players have problems when it comes to looking at the game through a computer screen, especially when they are playing for real money. Many players have had their accounts hacked and lost thousands of dollars by not knowing how to protect themselves. Kassela wanted to create a system that would prevent this from happening.

Kassela spent many years playing poker for big stakes in live tournaments and small tournaments that are held online. He went back to his studies at the University of Notre Dame and found that he still knew very little about the games that he was playing in person. So he made the decision to create his own version of the best poker software on the market.

Kassela will not be telling you to play for cash every time you play poker online. He says that most people will be happy with a little poker money on the side. But most online poker rooms require players to deposit a certain amount of money before they can play. Kassela wants to be able to take care of this, so that players do not need to worry about missing out on winning streaks.

Kassela believes that poker software should be updated regularly, so that the best software can be offered to players. He says that players do not have time to wait for updates and are usually busy with other things. He has a large database of the most current software available, and works closely with the game publishers in order to ensure that the software is kept up to date.

In most poker rooms, the only way for a player to reach the front of the line is to sign up. This creates a problem because you will not be able to play unless you have signed up to play in the room. Kassela wants to make sure that all players have access to the poker room whenever they want to, regardless of whether or not they have signed up.

In addition to creating the poker room, Kassela also oversees the physical design of the site itself. This means that he has to approve every aspect of the website. In order to meet all of his requirements, Kassela uses a team of programmers who have special knowledge of web design.

The thing that separates Kassela’s GDS Technologies from other online poker experience is the use of flash technology. Flash helps people get their hands on the action more quickly, because it makes the software to move faster than most. A lot of people hate the waiting period that goes along with waiting for a real card to come up on the card deck.

Kassela says that his entire poker room is made with flash technology. Some of the poker room graphics are made in Flash, while others are made in traditional graphic design. If you are a fan of poker, then you will enjoy this poker room. Another thing that the poker room does is that it allows players to play against themselves. Players have to win a certain number of hands to enter the next level of the tournament. The computers that play against each other in the tournament are always connected to the internet, so you will never miss your opponent if you log into the site later on.