Poker Player – Book Review

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My favorite book is Ivan Lucas, Poker Player. This is the story of a legend, a real life and true living legend. I loved it so much that I bought a signed copy of the paperback when it first came out and have kept it in my library ever since.

This book is amazing. There are no boring chapters, every chapter has something to learn about the world of poker and what it takes to get the ball rolling. It was like I was watching a magician at work. It taught me such wonderful lessons, and I will not forget them for years to come.

Ivan Lucas, Poker Player was written by one of the top trainers in the poker world. He works with World Series of Poker Players, Tournies and Tourneys, as well as online players around the world. I mean, how can you not want to learn from a master?

The book starts off with an overview of the game of poker, its history, rules, and variations. Next it moves on to more detail, showing players what is important in mastering the poker game, and the tactics needed. Then it goes over what you need to know before you even step into the poker room, such as how to protect yourself from cards that can be bad news.

Throughout the book, Lucas teaches vital and crucial strategies for the new player and the seasoned player alike. He tells you what colors are safe, what colors are weak, what happens when the dealer’s bets are doubled, etc. He has great insight into what works and what doesn’t and how to learn these techniques for your own benefit.

In the chapters following, you learn all the basics of the game of poker, as well as the nuances. Everything about playing poker is explained in detail, including tactics like holding onto the flop to make your opponents fold, knowing when to bet and when to hold. You learn the standard rules and regulations of the game and what those are, such as the minimum bet, to stop people from gambling too much and making you lose.

You also learn why some hands have a lot of value and vice versa, and how to play poker when you’re up against a strong hand. He explains the differences between different types of betting and how to properly play your hand.

Then you move onto the “dirty” tricks of the poker world, what kinds of cards work when a set of cards is flipped, and more. The examples in the book are interesting and eye opening. He teaches you how to fold when the table gets too complicated and how to play into the next card.

The chapters go on to share some of the stories of what really happens behind the scenes in a high stakes poker tournament. You see how card counting works, what’s going on behind the scenes when someone folds their cards, and how players figure out which cards will have the biggest payoff. All of this is explained in full detail, and the experience is great.

Overall, the whole book is a great read. It has some very unique ideas and methods that you will learn from.

In the end, if you are looking for a book that will give you the tactics and strategies needed to succeed in poker, then I would recommend this book highly. I would recommend it to both beginners and experts.

I really enjoyed this book, and I hope you will too. It’s a book that I would recommend to anyone.