Poker In America – A Book Review

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Jared Bleznick is the author of Poker in America: A History of Professional Gambling. This is an exceptional and well-researched book. This is a book that delves into the many facets of poker and gives some insight as to how and why it has become so popular and lucrative.

It’s interesting that the book takes a look at the history of poker through its impact on America, from the early settlers who played poker and held meetings in homes to the poker championships held on the summer tracks. The competition of poker has gone a long way to set standards for the game of poker and why it is popular today.

There is a chapter that is devoted to poker tournaments in the United States. In this chapter, Bleznick traces the progression of poker from its humble beginnings as a social gathering to its more professional roots and how the money earned from poker has spawned a major industry.

One of the chapters focuses on poker tournaments and how tournaments have evolved over the years. Most people think of poker tournaments as being very competitive and often can end up being very expensive, but this isn’t the case. In fact, the rise of poker tournaments has helped to make the game more affordable for everyone.

Overall, Bleznick has done excellent research and writing job. He brings together his background in history and his knowledge of America’s history of poker to put together a comprehensive account of poker tournaments. His chapter on poker competitions is particularly good and should be read by anybody interested in poker.

The book is not just about poker however. There are other sections that give insights into the history of card rooms, the places where poker originated and the poker clubs in the United States.

The book includes a chapter that looks at the history of poker in Australia, and it is very good. It is based around the theory that poker and card rooms, for the most part, are relatively recent innovations and therefore it helps to understand their origin stories.

The book also provides a thorough history of how poker began. It discusses how some poker tournaments were conducted before becoming legalized and how playing cards were used as currency, which is something that’s important to note for anyone interested in poker.

It also discusses how poker became popular in casinos, how it became a game where two people’s hands would differ and how some poker competitions could be won by skill over luck. Bleznick has done a great job of researching and writing this book, and I am sure that he has done a lot of great work.

The book is quite dense, and I found it difficult to review. However, as a beginner to the world of poker, I can see why it would be an excellent book to read.

I also found it informative and an enjoyable read, as I often had a regular basis at the casinos I went to. In fact, I just returned from Las Vegas, and I found the book so enjoyable, I even had a fun time reading about the history of gambling in Las Vegas, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

To conclude, I have to say that I’m quite happy with my decision to read this book. It was a delightful ride through some of the world’s most interesting and historically significant events in poker.