Poker For Women – A Review of Amanda Leatherman

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Amanda Leatherman is a true world traveler who has traveled to every corner of the globe. When she hears someone make a comment about how “poker is more about women than men,” she answers, “women have more fun when they play poker” and the rest is history.

Poker for women is a subject of interest not only for the rest of the world but for the US Women’s Poker Association as well. Amanda Leatherman, a North Carolina native, is the founder of a new professional poker tournament series called “GIRLS IN ENDPARAM.” The tourney is scheduled to start in May and last through October.

Amanda Leatherman, who is also a member of the Women’s World Poker Tour, has traveled and competed with other women of different ages, colors, and backgrounds. She has been at the poker table with so many poker players that she has come to realize that the best way to learn is to be around them.

Most of the people who have been her friends in the poker world were very helpful. They encouraged her to put the tournament on the Internet. However, Amanda Leatherman is one woman who can help set up the tournaments by herself.

As much as Amanda Leatherman wants to help put together the tournament, she will also offer to play in it for free. Amanda Leatherman will take the initiative and put all the hard work and energy into the event. For all the money that you can spend, you will feel like a part of something.

Amanda Leatherman is not your typical poker player. She doesn’t like the big tables or those big pockets. Amanda Leatherman does not want to sit at the top of the leader board, where everyone who sits there has had their share of money won and lost. Amanda Leatherman prefers to make some deals and find out how the game is played in the deeps.

Amanda Leatherman understands that no matter what your rank, you need to develop your skills. She believes that poker is a good way to learn how to deal and put yourself in position to win at the poker table. Amanda Leatherman is a woman who recognizes the value of playing with others and making alliances and breaking them.

Amanda Leatherman’s winning streak in poker has been nothing short of incredible. She has won games against some of the world’s best poker players. After she loses she doesn’t complain or become too self-critical.

While Amanda Leatherman is winning games against some of the best players in the world, there are many other women in the poker world who can say they’ve had a few wins as well. These women may be lesser known or not famous but their stories are wonderful, inspiring, and true.

One woman who has won and lost numerous hands with Amanda Leatherman is Ms. Rachel Krajitzky. She also won several other events including a World’s Cup where she and Amanda Leatherman met.

Another lady player is Nino Galati, who was also Amanda Leatherman’s teammate at Wake Forest University. She won the US Women’s Poker Tour Tournament in April of this year and has won several other events, too.

Many poker players, who haven’t been at the table with Amanda Leatherman, have nothing to compare her to. Amanda Leatherman is a genuine pro at poker and can easily explain the basics of the game to anyone who will listen.