Poker For Money Or Just For Fun?

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OGNJEN SEGULARAC is a must read if you’re interested in poker, whether you play for money or just for fun. I’ve enjoyed this book immensely and feel it’s made me a better player, although I may be biased in favour of this book because I used to play professional poker.

This book focuses on the basics of poker, explaining what makes the game so popular and how it has changed over the years. If you’re new to the game and are keen to know what draws, bets and other choices look like, then this book can be really helpful.

Most of the advice in this book applies to live games and high stakes tournaments. However, there are some tips that will work well for tournament play as well. I enjoy having tips for the big games, but this book contains such a wide variety of information it really should be read as a reference book for your overall poker strategy.

Many players are worried about the personality of the players at a tournament table and why they do so well. Although it’s a personal characteristic, it does have an effect on the outcome of the game. If you know how to deal with these types of players, you can have a much better chance of winning.

For example, in the tournament scene, if players are all willing to work hard and split the pots evenly, the chances of one player becoming really good and winning lots of tournaments increases. There’re a lot of psychology involved and a good poker player can see how to exploit it to their advantage.

Most of us have had experiences where we have felt vulnerable and the world turned against us, only to find out later that we were responsible for something that upset other people’s emotional states. The same thing happens in poker. When people begin to lose their cool, most of them are more stressed than at other times.

It’s so easy to develop a negative outlook after a few poker tournaments and a lot of players react by getting angry and losing their cool. This causes them to lose control and usually end up with a new attitude that requires them to improve their game.

You need to remember that the best way to win a tournament is to work on your skills as a poker player. While the rest of the table will be playing on instinct, you need to be able to read their cards and give them the best advice. If you’re not playing well, then you can easily see why the best players in the world get so many draws at the top tables.

Many pros do not tend to share their secret or game plan with their opponents, even if they are playing badly. They keep their strategies quiet and can focus on winning. It’s important to remember this so you don’t make the same mistakes.

If you want to go pro, then you need to understand the way the pros play and watch their every move, as they use the full range of betting choices in their old accounts. They can’t afford to take huge risks as their bankrolls will drain, and if they make a mistake then it could cost them a big pot.

A lot of people learn poker because they want to take part in online poker. I won’t recommend this book to everyone, but to people who are seriously interested in learning the game and improving their skills, especially those with a competitive streak.

There are many ways to win big and as long as you’re working to improve your own skills, then you can take pleasure in all the money you win. This book will have you winning big money quickly, but you’ll have to be patient.