Poker For Dummies – Straight Bluffing

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Aaron Massey’s new best seller, Poker For Dummies, is a remarkable achievement in the world of playing poker. I cannot stress enough how quickly it was able to convince me of the existence of the winning strategy in the game.

I should say first of all that I am a novice at poker. If you are going to read the book, make sure that you are already at least an intermediate level player. Otherwise, some of the language in the book may be confusing to you.

Let me go through the many different strategies Aaron Massey presents in the book. He describes three main approaches that are the most common:

“Straightforward Bet: In this strategy, you bet your final cards and don’t try to maximize your winnings or minimize your losses. Instead, you simply assume that you are playing a good hand and you just want to get more money in the bank before calling.”

“Bluffing: In this strategy, you bet your hands and hope that you win or lose at least as much as you bet. This can be a very effective strategy, but it is extremely risky because you are betting to start with and then you don’t know if you are actually playing a good hand or not.

“Straight Bluff: In this strategy, you play purely to bluff your opponents, not to play a good hand.” You simply follow the information from your opponents until you have convinced them that you are indeed playing a good hand.

So, what is the overall strategy of Poker For Dummies? Well, at the end of the day, there are three ways to increase your chances of winning poker games: bluffing, straight bluffing.

The main difference between the two is that with bluffing, you play your cards with the intention of being successful; with straight bluffing, you play your cards for no reason other than to create the perfect situation where you can win. In order to be a consistent bluffer, you need to know how to be consistent with your bluffing. Here, we will cover one simple tip that is very important to become a successful bluffer:

The best tip that you can have when playing poker in the long run is to have a sense of being relaxed. If you keep your mind in a constant state of “I can’t believe that I won this hand”, you will not stand any chance of bluffing consistently. Simply put, you will come up with some mental games and even bluff very frequently, causing your hand to become even weaker than it was originally.

The three examples in Aaron Massey’s book, through the use of this simple tactic, show us that we are using a good strategy and are also reinforcing our minds that we can do this. As a result, we will come up with a strong hand very easily and we will feel confident about bluffing without making a lot of mistakes.

This kind of mind game is not just limited to a hand. It can be applied to every situation. With this principle, we can use our intelligence to gain a very good advantage over the other players at any table.

The three tactics outlined in the book are very powerful and should be used to its full extent. Simply put, if you want to win at poker, you must apply these tactics. They are simple, safe and extremely effective.