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ALEXANDER KOSTRUTSY is one of the best known Poker Players in the world today. He has a career spanning over 20 years and he has an impressive win ratio of close to sixty percent. With a record like that, his winning percentage can be well above sixty percent and in certain tournaments he can beat seventy percent of the field.

Alexander Kostritsyn started playing poker at an early age when his father took him to play in the casino. At that time he was just twelve years old and he was hooked instantly. One day, when he was just fourteen, he got interested in reading the famous Russian Poker Players and they were all shouting from the rooftops. Alexander Kostritsyn started reading more about it and later on he met some Poker Players who told him that the game was not only something to play with yourself, but also a source of immense money.

Alexander Kostritsyn decided to make a serious effort in playing poker because he was captivated by the way the Poker Players acted during the game. This was a young boy, it was the 1970s and he was a gambling enthusiast at the time, so to speak.

Even before Alexander Kostritsyn was able to win the first prize he played in a few tournaments and became familiar with the rules of the game. However, that was quite some time ago and in those days, the main player in the tournament would take away all the bankroll.

The important thing to keep in mind is that when you are looking for Poker Beginners Tips, you need to take into consideration the rules of the game, the style of play, the players available and so on. What makes it difficult for people to understand are the different nuances. If you know what you are doing and you can follow the rules and win consistently, then it’s all the more easier. When Alexander Kostritsyn got hooked into the game, he had to learn the nuances of the game from Poker Players and also all the tactics and strategies that the Poker Players used. That is why he always studied all these things so as to be able to keep up with the pace. When he was ready to play a tournament, he met and talked to all the Poker Players he could and asked them their opinion. After all these months of preparation, he was ready for the challenge.

Poker is a game that needs to be played with good players and proper techniques. Alexander Kostritsyn is a very experienced player, so he can predict which moves and plays his opponents will make.

At the same time, poker is also a game where one can get motivated by hearing other people tell him he is an adept poker player and he can know if he has that in him too. He can also tell all the Poker Players he knows about what he is doing and why he is winning all the time.

Alexander Kostritsyn is a Poker Player with a winning habit. He has won an impressive amount of money and he can talk about all this with a lot of confidence and positive attitude.

Alexander Kostritsyn has been successful in the poker world, because he is always willing to listen to all the Poker Players he meets and learns from them. This is not only done to win, but it is also a means of self-improvement.

Alexander Kostritsyn is one of the most respected players in the world today. People are always willing to hear what he has to say and give him their opinions. There is no doubt that Alexander Kostritsyn is an intelligent Poker Player and a great source of inspiration.