Poker Beginner’s Strategy

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Stephen Chidwick has written an e-book that covers a wide variety of subjects in this area, starting with the book “Elements of Poker.” It is the best poker beginner’s book to be published.

The book is full of information about how to play poker and applies poker theory to give the reader an edge. While it covers many aspects of poker theory, there are several strategies that will help any beginner learn how to play poker. It will also help any amateur grow in skills.

The book takes you through the basics of poker. He starts by giving you the most basic techniques and gives pointers on what to do when a situation arises. In doing so, he includes a full guide to playing hands. There are variations and options that are covered so you know how to play them.

The first chapter is very descriptive and not overly complicated. This is followed by eight chapters that cover all areas of poker including but not limited to bluffing, flop shooting, raising, holding out, setting up a table, top deck, and top pair draw.

The book covers these topics in a very logical manner, helping even the most inexperienced players understand how to play poker. Stephen Chidwick has done extensive research in this area and is able to fully understand the critical concepts and advanced poker strategies.

There is plenty of reading material that will help anyone who reads this book to understand some of the different types of poker. There are several times when the use of this type of strategy can benefit the player and even give him an edge over the other players. These chapters include trifectas, draw, blinds, open ended bets, river poker, turn, three pairs, five, and high cards.

Some of the chapters give advice on how to read a hand and how to decide whether to fold or to raise depending on the various poker rules. Chidwick discusses a few different types of betting systems that will give the player the advantage.

Poker strategy is part of this book and it is certainly helpful to know the different types of poker play that a person can make. If the player ever gets lost in the online world of poker, he will be able to quickly get his bearings by learning how to use poker theory.

The book also covers strategic pot odds. One may ask if one will gain an advantage using these rather than just pure skill. Stephen Chidwick clearly explains that one will have an advantage over the opponent with knowledge of the tables and that is what is important.

One of the chapters on what to do if one’s opponent calls with a card reveals how he or she will react and where to draw the heart of the card. A lot of detail is given on the other advantages if one’s opponents call. Players will have more decisions to make because of this specific chapter.

Poker is a complex game that can take months to master. Stephen Chidwick makes no attempt to explain this area in this book. The reader will have to learn this themselves and by studying this e-book, they will certainly find the answers they are looking for.

Stephen Chidwick has been one of the leaders in this industry for many years. He has done research and written books that are beneficial to new and old players alike. While the book is a little dated, it still contains valuable information and may assist the reader in figuring out how to make the most of his or her own poker career.