Poker and It’s Effects on You Review

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Vanessa Rousso’s third book, Poker and It’s Effects on You, is her most comprehensive yet. Taking her readers on a journey through her life, she explains why reading poker books is helpful to one’s life as a poker player, revealing the “how” behind the “what” and why players with strong self-discipline fail when it comes to playing poker correctly.

The book begins with an overview of how the modern world of poker strategy has changed over the years. It describes how professional poker players can be quite secretive about their game, not wanting to lose face to others who play poker professionally. Rousso provides an overview of the online poker community and its members, highlighting the danger that these players face in revealing their true skill level to other online poker players.

Rousso then goes on to describe the dangers to a player’s ego in regards to a player’s financial capability. She also describes how negative influences of poker at work can ruin a person’s career, and how this can affect one’s poker playing decisions. Rousso goes on to outline the various reasons that people don’t succeed in poker playing and explains why some people never have success in playing poker professionally. She also explains the process by which players can become addicted to poker gambling, how games such as poker and blackjack help to increase a person’s confidence and how this can lead to bigger losses than wins.

Rousso also gives advice to poker players on how to handle being a professional poker player, and how not to fall into the trap of becoming addicted to the lifestyle of a poker player. She reveals the various psychological triggers that help players slip into serious gambling and how to avoid the pitfalls that the top professional poker players always avoid.

Vanessa Rousso knows how to write a good story, as she tells her story through the written word. Readers are treated to an entertaining journey through Rousso’s personal experiences and successes and failures throughout her poker career.

Rousso presents her book in two parts, one an introduction and part 2. I was surprised at the length of her story, but I found it easy to follow due to the clear and concise explanation of the various poker strategies.

Throughout the first part of the book, Rousso shares a few stories about her life and the events that shaped her as a poker player. It’s a very revealing and entertaining read, as she reveals to us her struggles to keep the poker game alive in her life. There are also some funny moments throughout the book, but you’ll have to read the book to find out!

In part 2, Rousso focuses on the psychological and social aspects of playing poker. A lot of the psychology of poker in the book focuses on understanding why poker players tend to make poor decisions and help players develop skills for handling the various forms of pressures that poker players may encounter during their poker playing career.

Rousso also introduces the concept of poker gambling. She introduces the reality of getting involved in the market, explaining how poker gambling can be a very lucrative business. It’s always exciting to see new techniques and systems being implemented, and Rousso’s concepts provide a useful tool for every poker player who wants to improve his or her chances of winning.

In Part One, Vanessa Rousso explained the challenges that professional poker players experience. In this part, Rousso focuses on helping poker players cope with the pressures and adversities of poker. It’s a valuable and relevant insight into the plight of players who are involved in the poker scene.

Vanessa Rousso does not focus solely on the positive aspects of poker. She also explains the necessity of protecting a player’s ego, advising players to take a stand against any psychological pressure that may be mounting against them. Rousso shows how the discovery of the self-discipline is one of the most important factors in a successful poker career.

Poker is an enjoyable and engaging read, even if you’re not a poker player. It’s a fun read for anyone who enjoys a good story.