Poker – Ali G As Well As Poker Players

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The role of Ali G in the most recent film from Salman Behani is one of the most interesting aspects of the film. I cannot wait to see more.

In this entertaining poker drama, Ali G gets a new lease on life. Instead of being bored in a life he was used to, he finds a chance to run things in his own hands. He becomes a self-made millionaire by dint of his brilliance at the game of poker.

Playing poker with his personal pal, ‘Tommy’ is the center of attention and it also takes place in a poker game. Tommy is an amateur player who actually wished to be a poker pro. He started off as the boy who cried wolf.

Salman Behani does a great job in capturing the character and the laid back attitude towards life. While Ali G is the star, he manages to go about his business in a manner that is both cool like no other. Ali G’s personality is portrayed very well by Behani. He manages to be a humorous yet real character.

What makes the film so fascinating is the way that Behani gets into the personality of Tommy, the famous professional poker player. It is through Ali G’s perspective that we get to see the gambler through Tommy’s eyes. The two work together to earn a tidy sum of money.

For the first few scenes, it may be a little confusing as the viewers will find themselves watching two characters at the same time. However, once the players come to the realisation that they are indeed playing against each other, the fast-paced story starts to follow. This is further made interesting by the fact that Ali G wins the game.

The poker scene with Ali G is a real treat for the watcher. A few scenes are funny but all of them are somehow related to poker. These poker scenes will keep you engrossed and then sometime you will get the feeling that Ali G has found another chance to win.

Even though the poker scenes are great, the rest of the movie is not. There is a slight amount of drama but the one that may be worth the attention is when Ali G and his family’s house is broken into. That is, to be expected in such a thriller.

A great plot and some heartwarming scenes make this movie very popular. While playing poker is something fun, there is a story about Ali G and the problems he faces that make the whole experience memorable. The film portrays Ali G’s efforts to change his way of life after winning the game of poker.

Another good part of the poker scene is the fantastic music. The first verse of the song, ‘Bana Di Beti Lah’ sung by a female singer is perfect. It is the song that will have you going back to the screen to watch more scenes.

There is one more scene where Ali G faces off with ‘Danaya’ (played by Roshan Seth), who is a rather evil poker player. I know that it sounds silly but it made me laugh out loud.

In a world of extreme sports, poker is always a small step and this is one of the better examples. Sports like cricket and football have it easy when it comes to so many people playing and betting on them. Poker is a slow-paced game but can be very interesting.