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Ken “Dan” Heimiller is a superb player and poker coach. He has his own online poker guide that covers everything from how to use the computers in play, the best poker hands to using key cards.

Dan and I have been playing poker for a number of years. We used to play in many tournaments in California. One of the early tournaments we both played in was an invitational. It featured some of the world’s best poker players.

During the first round, someone dropped out and we moved to the next table. The games started out quickly and we both played us off of the table for a couple of hours. One table was going for me and I had several strong hands.

In a matter of a few hands, Dan saw the flaw in my strategy and went all in. He played against the table and won hand after hand.

I felt pretty good about myself and played a couple of good hands but then decided to bail. I started getting a lot of flak from other players that feeling I should have finished Dan off.

One of the other players in the tournament had a very strong deck. The good thing was that Dan got good action in with the big blind. As Dan played, the flop became extremely tough and he made all of his tough cards.

The action in the river became even tougher and Dan was only looking at the flop and turn. Dan thought about playing but decided to leave me on the table. I told him he was a short stack and he should have played me.

I did have a good run at the end of the tournament, but I lost every single hand. I felt pretty bad for losing against Dan Heimiller. He was the best player in the tournament and I feel like I should have done better.

Poker coaches will tell you that you need to have some self-confidence when you are playing poker. I have always felt that if I ever needed to call on myself to win a hand, I would be able to do so.

I actually walked over to Dan and told him I just couldn’t do it. Dan asked me what I was thinking and I told him that I was getting pretty nervous.

Dan told me that he was not getting nervous either. He then told me that he would beat me next time and that he had the perfect deck.

I guess that what I really needed to hear from him was that he would not let me lose a hand to him. As it turned out, I lost my last hand of the tournament to Dan. But he beat me the next time.