Poker 101 – Author Mike Sowers’ Poker 101 Review

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Every time I think about Mike Sowers, I get a little choked up. This wonderful man has written an eBook that helps us all overcome these emotional obstacles in our lives, and be the person we were meant to be.

I’m not going to tell you everything in this eBook that Mike Sowers said in his very interesting Poker 101. For sure he does. But I would like to mention one thing:

Mike’s book, Poker 101 is an out-of-the-box mind-set shift. It’s the first of its kind. It is unashamedly an eBook, not a manual, an eBook with a clear, concise instruction manual. A poker coach – from beginning to end.

Mike is not a “chump”. He knows what he’s talking about. Mike Sowers has some very interesting thoughts. He is constantly writing articles about poker. He speaks candidly, without bitterness, and he does so with clarity and brevity that are as valuable as it is inspiring.

Mike Sowers uses metaphors liberally and often in the Poker 101 eBook. The metaphors here are used for their profound meaning and not as a means of amusing ourselves or “getting a rise” out of the reader.

Mike Sowers describes a meeting between two people, and how in such a meeting, “each side has to be aware of their own best interests”. His explanation is simple: “No matter what the outcome, if your best interest is at stake then you must be aware of your interest in the outcome.” “Consciousness” comes to mind.

How many motivational speaker use very complex, dogmatic terminology like “growthmindset”? Mike uses a phrase in his eBook: “an emotion-based perspective.” This is an awesome fact, because a growth mindset is a vital part of any poker coach’s toolkit. If you happen to be not a growth mindset type, you are missing out on a lot.

So, let’s take a look at one more quote by Mike Sowers: “Fortunes are made in the moment and lives are affected by our emotions.” This doesn’t sound so hard, right? After all, if you want to grow your bankroll you have to be aggressive, so that means you’re always aggressive.

When Mike tells us that our emotion is our bankroll’s owner, that he doesn’t take into account the fact that emotions are NOT money, and that he “emphasizes success and happiness” when it comes to building our bankroll, this is another mind-set shift, a mindset shift. “Profit” is NOT happiness. Once you understand this, then life will be a lot easier. “Profit”happiness” are fickle forces that do not exist in reality.

Mike Sowers goes so far as to say that the “definition of profit is anything we have to pay someone to do.” Well, okay then. Any way you slice it, we need to learn about our emotions. This can be an interesting and useful experience for our mental growth.

I liked the eBook so much that I ordered a second eBook. It is called, “The Better Mindset”. And Mike is completely honest here: “I was actually almost done writing it when I was struck by how stupid some of the stuff I wrote sounded. And why not? It’s my e-book.

I love this guy. Can’t stop raving about Poker.