Phil Hellmuth and the Princeton Poker School

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Phil Hellmuth, the man who started it all, brought in Jack McColl to teach him how to play poker. Hellmuth taught McColl and a friend to play poker for cash on the beach while they were attending Columbia University.

McColl left college as a double major in chemistry and finance. His love of poker grew over time until he had the money to buy a home poker table and even rent his own room at a casino in Las Vegas. McColl eventually found his way to the United States and founded his own poker training center in Miami.

Over the years, Phil Hellmuth made several attempts to compete with the likes of Blackjack and Stud Poker, but he failed to succeed. McColl’s training facility is still in operation today.

The name that was used to promote McColl’s poker program was “The Princeton Poker School.” Phil Hellmuth finally decided to use the name “Lucky Number Seven.” The “seven” meant that he had played the game of poker against McColl.

After McColl left, John Millman took over his duties as executive director. McColl returned to his original job of teaching poker to men.

Millman’s life changed when he was selected by John Lowe to become the inaugural world champion of Stud Poker. Millman decided to give poker another try and ended up winning the title.

Phil Hellmuth decided to get involved in real estate after losing his job as executive director of the Princeton Poker School. In 2020, he sold his property and bought a Peco property. He has since used the money from the sale to expand his operations.

Today, the Princeton Poker School and new Lucky Number Seven Casino have both moved into a brand new building. And there are several more expansion plans for the company as well. The founder of the poker school also wants to expand into creating a Peco Bitcoin trading course.

With his help, Millman won the world championship title for the first time in the 2020 Championship Series. The event was held in Las Vegas.

“John Millman said he wanted to continue to win and prove that he could continue to win championships,” Phil Hellmuth said. “I think he’ll have more success if he comes back with a more serious approach and has a different strategy than before.”

John Millman was actually inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame for his services to the poker community. His son, Tim, will be joining his father in the future.

It appears that Millman and his son are very close. They have even been spotted together at the tables playing Stud Poker. Tim Millman is currently the head trainer at the Princeton Poker School.