How a Poker Player Won His Dream Job

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Dan Cates is an Englishman who lives in the United Kingdom. He plays poker professionally, but not at the “serious” level that many of his friends and rivals play. His favorite type of poker is online poker.

You could say he never had any love for the game until he learned how to play it. At first, Cates was scared of playing against the best players.

Like most poker players, he’s still afraid of making mistakes. But like most poker players, he’s had several matches that changed his life.

At first, he was afraid of playing the poker tournaments where the prize money was relatively low. That fear actually inspired him to practice more.

Soon after, he won his first ever tournament with a money limit of 10K. Of course, he lost it, but it opened his eyes to the possibility of winning a few more big tournaments.

Since then, he has learned the rules of the game. He started to become a bit better, but his ambition and love for the game are greater than ever.

Poker is now Cates’ profession. A good poker player can be very profitable, he says. But there’s also a lot of pressure, especially if you want to start a new career.

Dan Cates first started playing poker in September 2020. He had lost all of his money and was tired of losing his shirt. After two weeks, he started playing a small-stakes “street” game, which wasn’t as profitable as the others.

This was when he realized that online casino game was more of a hobby than a career. It was only a hobby, he thought, because poker is supposed to be a career.

After a few months, Cates finally got fed up with playing online game and decided to quit. It wasn’t easy to do. He had to give up his dream of becoming a professional poker player.

However, as he said himself, “one day, I’ll get my dream, too.” In fact, he felt so bad that he quit right before he was about to play for a major tournament. He played for two months but was defeated in the second round.