Nic Choudary Is The Most Successful One-Time Player To Date

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Nicolas Chouity has won a record-breaking twelve WSOP Main Event Poker tournaments. He did so with the first ever full stack. Since then, he has been writing his story, his blog and sharing tips and techniques in his blog.

You can say I was born to be a Poker player, really! I believe that anyone who’s willing to put forth the time and energy to make it on the Poker circuit, regardless of what their background is, will succeed. Poker is more than just money – it’s your life in the long run. If you want to be rich in poker, I believe you can make it.

The other day, I watched a Poker tournament on TV. The commentators, having watched the game for a few days already, were raving about some new technique that the winner used in the tournament. It was a technique they’d never seen him use before and that had never been taught to them either.

And yet, they didn’t mind telling you about this technique. It was all news to them. It wasn’t news to me – in fact, the last time I used that same technique, I got told to “write it down”. What?

In all my years of playing poker, no one ever approached me and asked me how I learned that technique. For them, it was not news. And yet, to them, it was.

Of course, I don’t expect anyone to ask me how I got to be where I am today. For that, I’ll have to refer to my blog. For now, I’m going to try to summarize the sequence of events in the way I think is important for a person to succeed in poker.

After becoming a better Poker player, I wanted to share my knowledge with others. I’m sure that my success is not unique. It just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

I’ve mentioned before, that having good poker skills is not enough. That is because if you get that perfect hand and hold it too long, you may be asking for trouble. So, what I do now is look for an online poker site that offers high stakes.

Then, I set myself up as Nicolas Chouity, which I started by buying a WSOP bracelet. It’s easy – just give me the name of the site, and I’ll give you a bracelet. It’s like receiving a big favor, but without the hassle of actually receiving one.

In order to succeed in poker, I didn’t know how to play at all. Now, I’m a one-time player and I know how to play poker. And, unlike before, I don’t need any help at all – I do it on my own.

The next thing that I do when I start playing poker is to find a poker forum. In the forum, I will find dozens of members who are also just starting out in poker. It’s my wish that these people will help me.

Finally, they will encourage me to join a forum that I can use to build my confidence. These are all tools that I will need in order to become a good poker player.