My First Experience at a Nam Le Restaurant

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Nam Le is a restaurant in Shenzhen that only serves her own and other people’s home-made food. She has worked in this restaurant for years and serves as a hostess at the many functions that she works at. It is here that her story takes a surprising turn.

A few months ago, the boy had become a little older. He had graduated from high school and had found employment. The manager of Nam Le felt that the boy would make a nice employee.

So Nam Le decided to celebrate his birthday with him. She made up a surprise meal for the boy. He requested that she serve Thai food. She said yes.

The boy’s favorite dish was called the shan yang. There was no way that he would be able to get it at his workplace so Nam Le chose another favorite. She added spring rolls and some spring rolls as well.

The staff served the meal very well and the family gathered around to enjoy the delicious meal. Just before the boy took his last bite, his stomach rumbled loudly. He held his stomach as he slowly looked up at his mother and father.

The boy’s father asked what was wrong. His mother told them that the boy was upset about something. The boy shook his head and said he could not eat. He had eaten all of the food. His stomach was telling him he needed to.

The boy’s mother did not want to send the baby home. They decided to take him home anyway. The boy’s mother did not want to eat because she was still hungry. She was afraid that if she tried to eat any of the food, the boy would not be satisfied.

The boy did not want to eat either. He went home later that day and his mother carried him to the dining room. The mother served the meal to the whole family and then, Nam Le came to take the boy.

She told the family that the boy had suffered from diarrhea and had been in bed for ten minutes. The boy was ready to go home.

The boy did not want to leave his bed or be separated from his mother and the parents for ten minutes. So, the mother made the boy take a walk and come back in ten minutes.

The parents understood and went with their son to the door. As they opened the door, the boy was gone.

The mother hugged her husband and they went home for a happy and healthy night. The day after they had their son back in their arms, Nam Le promised them that they would all get to enjoy their food again.