Melanie Weisner and the Poker Stars DVD Collection

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Melanie Weisner, an entrepreneur and the creator of the Poker Superstars Trading Card Game has added an exciting second feature to her popular card game. The “Poker Stars Baseball” series is now available online as a DVD box set, not the standard film version.

What makes this set the bonus features? It is a major breakthrough in sports entertainment that is no longer available with the standard release.

Many of the current stars have moved on to other endeavors, and the new players are not left in the dark when it comes to the pros. As each year passes, some of the top sports stars go on to other projects, and it can become difficult for younger fans to get their hands on their favorite stars’ movies and other products. This can be discouraging for new fans.

The added bonus features on this box set help to ease this burden. They provide new and older fans with much-needed options and help to propel more people to become fans of the top players.

This set features nearly all of the top players from both the pro poker world and the baseball world. There are special features that track their moves, post a free play of the game, and display all of the matches they have played.

Players can choose to go into the “Poker Stars”Baseball Stars” series, depending on which stars they are interested in. Each series has over eighty cards to select from, and the remaining cards include special editions.

Melanie Weisner’s vision has brought her the distinction of being the first professional sports personality to create a specific series of film. Fans who buy this collection will have the choice to decide which movie they would like to see. Some of the extras in this set include; “The President Comes to Play,” featuring Joe Carter; “Poker Stars Baseball,” with Barry Bonds; “Raising The Bar,” featuring Jamie Sadlowski; and “Tiger Beat,” with Alex Rodriguez.

The movies offer a fresh perspective on pro baseball players and their lives, and the features provide insights into the careers of some of the top stars. There are special features like; “The March of the Rat Pack,” featuring Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente; “Billie Jean,” featuring Billie Jean King; “Holy Roller,” featuring Reggie Jackson; and “Let Me Tell You Something,” featuring Greg Maddux. This is not an extensive collection, but it does include many of the stars’ personal highlights.

The soccer stars are also featured in this DVD collection. Each series is packed with some of the best soccer stars and there are a lot of feature films like; “El Tigre,” featuring Hulk Hogan; “El Libertario,” featuring David Beckham; “The Champions,” featuring David Beckham; and “Los Tigres del Norte,” featuring Marcelo; and “Quiet Thunder,” featuring Javier Mascherano. These are all exciting films for soccer fans.

Although these sets feature some of the biggest names in professional poker players, they do not focus exclusively on poker. This is because the star variety allows viewers to choose the movie they prefer.

When these DVDs were initially released, only the previous baseball series were featured. However, with the addition of the baseball and poker stars, these are now available to all of the baseball and poker fans, while the poker stars are still exclusively available to those who are interested in poker.

The newly added baseball and poker stars are sure to please many people. All fans will love this added bonus features, as it helps to broaden their palates.