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In his book Amir Lehavot, a renowned Ben Affleck scholar, has set out to explore the world of a poker player in all his glory. Now, it is my contention that Amir Lehavot – Ghandi’s Master-Poker Player! is an enjoyable read.

After all, let’s not forget that Lehavot was a great Santa Clause, a Thoroughbred African American fighter, and a close-combat specialist in the Revolutionary War who won a remarkable four gold medals! In addition, he came in sixth place in a field of over one thousand elite boxers.

That was Amir Lehavot, Master Poker Player! I have a picture on my computer of him at a table with Billy Joel. In addition, I can even remember seeing him when I was watching the news and thinking “Wow, this guy is a really cool guy.”

In his book, Amir Lehavot delves deeply into the lives of a few other poker players: that of Harry Lipshitz and Mr. Belafonte. Most of us are familiar with the stories of Jimmy Green and Charlie Harper. Here, Lehavot brings in another one of those character actors from that great era, John Belushi, to investigate the life of poker – and the lives of the poker players who gave him so much pleasure in his youth.

One thing I really enjoyed about Amir Lehavot’s book is his dedication to Tom Carter. You see, during my lifetime, Tom Carter played the game to the hilt. He once ran a video poker business that featured “Six-eight 8-Ball” – which would enable a player to win twenty-five dollars if a coin came up heads. When Lehavot interviewed him, Carter talked about how he made his millions through “credentials and hard work.”

Amir Lehavot, Master Poker Player! provides an insight into this player’s relationship with his money. At first sight, you may feel uncomfortable asking a person how they earn their money, but not when you know how they got where they are today!

Throughout his book, Amir Lehavot discusses poker tournaments and games. But what stands out most about his book is his discussion of the post-hand games between two players. He describes how he watched this scene many times in a big poker tournament – with the players exhausted and totally confused, but somehow holding their own.

As a youngster, Amir Lehavot had a belief that he could do well in poker. Perhaps, it is in this belief that he has a good guide to the game.

Amir Lehavot, Master Poker Player! has been endorsed by many famous poker players and personalities. You know such as Tommy Lasorda and Teddy Roosevelt. Not to mention his friend Dr. Jack Ruby, who is also the author of The Poker Pro (now a Broadway show), and Janet Reno.

The book is authored by Amir Lehavot, and I think there can be no better endorsement than his. His book is an interesting and entertaining read that is full of fascinating anecdotes and deep insight into a poker player’s life.

When I read the book, I laughed out loud. When I finished, I wished I could purchase the book, and also I have ordered a copy to read it again – since it was so entertaining.

Amir Lehavom A memoir, written by a poker player himself, Master Poker Player!is recommended for fans of poker and card games. It is interesting and entertaining, and is truly recommended to any poker player!