Kristen Bicknell – A Poker Star Who Got Rich

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Kristen Bicknell has become an important face in the world of poker as a big player on the online game sites. She recently told the Poker Superstars online that she found it difficult to continue her career while still pursuing her passion of poker. I was intrigued by her story and wanted to take a look at her success as a poker player and how she got there.

First, it is necessary to understand how she got into the game. As a child, she loved to play the many sports available. Although, she had not considered poker at all until she was about nineteen when she began to play professionally with the mid level casinos in the Chicago area.

She was a novice at this time but enjoyed the experience so much that she continued to play later in her early twenties. She was extremely successful. She won almost every tournament she entered and in just about one year, she took home over three million dollars. Then, during the early 1980’s, she quit playing professionally and began to pursue her love of poker full time.

Kristen started her career in the online game in Chicago as a high roller for a few years. Eventually, she realized that online poker was more lucrative than the Las Vegas casinos and that she could make a fortune without having to travel to Las Vegas. This is what she did and now lives a very successful and long life as a full-time poker player.

As I mentioned, as a professional poker player, Kristen also had her own web site. She was one of the pioneers of web sites that allowed players to buy cards from other players and then check their stats to see how they were doing.

Now, a poker player can log on to her website and have access to thousands of poker rooms all over the world. This is done on one system that let her keep track of her playing and the profits she is making. This way, she can start and stop games whenever she wants. She can also use this system to make sure that she wins a great deal of money from all the games she plays.

The very first online poker room that she played at was EZ Point Poker. She made over a hundred thousand dollars that first year by winning an astounding number of tournaments.

At the same time, she was being very successful, the poker rooms started offering their members other incentives and bonuses to attract them to their poker rooms. She loved the idea of such an incentive and played on the poker rooms she joined for a year or so before she began to seriously consider starting her own online poker room.

After a year or so, she had opened her very own online poker room and was competing against very different internet poker rooms. There were a lot of them and her profits were not as high as they used to be and she realized that it was time to move on.

When she left EZ Point, she left behind her website and her online poker business to the very successful Ariadne Poker. She has remained very involved with the business since then. This is probably because she understands how good Ariadne is and does not want her to go out of business or run out of customers.

For someone who knew nothing about poker to come in and own her own web site and have so much success is a testament to the professionalism of the poker community. It also shows the world that poker is a very rewarding game and the people who play it can do very well financially.

Thanks to Kristin Bicknell, it is now possible for anyone who loves to play to do so from anywhere in the USA. Thanks to the internet, she was able to start her own web site and start a very successful business and earn millions of dollars in the process.