Kevin Smith – Poker Night at the Inventory (Movie Review)

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Kevin Smith is the author of two of the most popular comic book adaptations of all time, Clerks and Mallrats. He has written for a variety of movies including The Wedding Singer, Yertle the Turtle, and Rocketman. In addition to writing for movies, Kevin Smith has written and directed his own short films that have become cult classics.

Kevin Smith writes and directs Poker Night at the Inventory as well as writing the screenplay. The screenplay was written after he read the novel by John Gabriel Berenson. The screenplay is a witty comedy about a group of gamblers who play poker games for money.

Poker at the Inventory stars Joel McHale, Frances McDormand, Ed Helms, and Angela Kinsey. This movie has a great message that will encourage children and young adults to get out of their comfort zone. While a poker game might seem like something that you’d only do with friends, this movie teaches that there are serious repercussions to doing this. You can also get out of it fast, if you try.

On the outside, Poker at the Inventory appears to be a very simple movie. But, beneath the surface, the movie is full of rich humor and some dramatic moments. The story centers around a group of young people who meet each other for the first time in a poker game. And while they are playing a few games of poker, they start having nightmares, as well as a shared vision of death and destruction.

The main character in the film is Dave, played by Joel McHale. Dave is played by a super-star and international superstar known as Joel McHale. He is the star of the television show, The Soup, as well as the hit movie The Fox and the Hound. Joel is best known for his role as the leader of the obnoxious sports fan in the animated TV series, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. When you find that the person you are most like is someone else who is well known for being an actor, you know you’ve found a gem.

The other main character in the movie is John Gabriel Brainerd, played by John Gabriel Brainerd. John is best known for his role in the family sitcom, The Drew Carey Show. When I saw this movie, I knew I would be seeing something very special.

John and his friends are a bunch of misfits who all have at least one thing in common. They all enjoy making fun of each other. I’m not saying that the guys in the movie are hilarious, but this isn’t your average movie.

Kevin Smith plays the poker game in Poker at the Inventory with humor and style. As he narrates the scenes, you are reminded of how funny he can be when he was just starting out in movies. It’s really nice to see the earnest humor in his voice.

In fact, the best parts of the movie are when John and his friends act like kids at the card table. Kevin Smith writes some brilliant lines that remind you of John’s funniest lines from The Drew Carey Show. And the scene where he and Frances McDormand play Scrabble together reminds me of when they met in Seinfeld.

John Gabriel Brainerd is played by John C. Reilly. When I first saw him in The Cable Guy, I didn’t know how good he was going to turn out to be. The movie did a great job of showing John’s acting abilities.

As John, Joel McHale does a great job of portraying the laid back comedian. The jokes come naturally to him. He even manages to get in some funny one liners.

I enjoyed Poker at the Inventory and the movie makes for a great watch. If you’re looking for a movie that will show you that you can do comedy as well as drama, I would recommend Poker at the Inventory.