Keven Stammen Commentary on Online Poker Games

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Keven Stammen is a frequent commentator on various media platforms on the card room scene. He has written articles in various poker forums, forums discussing online poker and blogs, as well as guest posting on some major websites.

Poker blogs typically collect information that is not available elsewhere. This is good for one such blog, due to a variety of topics in the topic may come from either within the poker community or outside of it. I’ve also come across reports from major online sites such as UltimateBet and the Big Casino who have posted information on sites that weren’t even part of their sites.

One example of this may be that of ‘game betting’ where someone would make bets based on their knowledge of particular systems or individual players. Obviously these are not held in the normal style of poker on online poker sites but due to my interests in game theory I tend to keep an eye on the sites.

There is also the possibility of dealing with illegal things such as money making schemes, especially with the Major Casino Online Sites. I do not take any part in these so I am not able to confirm anything I read on the Internet.

Poker cards online are printed in two kinds of colours. Yellow being very popular and cheaper and blue being less popular and more expensive.

This has an impact on the costs of the cards and therefore the cards that people expect to play. Of course, if a dealer decides to change the colour of the cards to whatever he wants then he has the option of doing so but the cost to the person buying the cards will be the same as before.

As part of poker game theory it makes sense to try and increase the number of cards of one type so that there is a discount on the price of them. This will mean more people wanting to play poker and so more people to buy the cards.

So Poker game theory certainly makes sense and I know many who apply this in order to increase their profits. In poker the purpose of the game is to get the highest pay out with minimum effort so it can be said that many of us like the idea of being able to make a profit more easily.

One thing that often happens in this process is that it brings down the high prices to the point where the seller wants to cash in so they cut their prices. Then they sell again to buy in again.

Now there are legal procedures to deal with this kind of situation but I am unaware of them. However as part of my background I can tell you that people often end up buying and reselling cards under false pretences.

Another thing that tends to happen in online poker sites is when a player is offered a good card in addition to a bad one in the same hands. They will ask what is the catch and therefore if the card isn’t really good they may decide not to play it.

It’s the same situation when people are offered online poker sites and they are looking to buy in on the first few hands that they play. Sometimes people simply don’t play out of fear of losing and end up playing one low ranking card which they thought was really good.