Justin Schwartz – Professional Poker Player

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Justin Schwartz is a writer, poker pro and an avid poker player. We met at the poker tournament where he had placed second, to say he has been successful is an understatement.

Mr. Schwartz has won multiple high stakes MLM tournaments, including one over 300 players. He enjoys taking in all of the poker pros in action. This truly makes him a unique player.

He is not only a professional poker player, but also has a business degree and a marketing degree from the University of Washington. The drive and determination of someone who keeps winning are almost uncanny. You can see it when he sees himself playing a hand he will lose.

In the final table of the MLM tournament he came home with a combined $50,000. Justin had four players left and won it all. For this one evening in November he had such a good time he got to put all that money to work the next day.

While it may be impossible to follow in his footsteps and become a millionaire, Justin Schwartz did win the American dream. When it comes to poker, the American dream is possible. And like Justin, you can win the big prize.

“There is nothing more American than winning the million dollars,” said Bob Budziszewski, a former pro, and the winner of the Millionaire Maker, and Co-author of the book, “How to Win Millions Playing Poker”. “It’s the thing every American strives for, whether they admit it or not.”

Well, that might be true, and I do recognize the sentiment. As a poker player myself, I would want a million dollar check for winning a PTQ and beating it in my first round. And I would want the same check, even if I lost it in the first two rounds. Although I would like to get a million dollar check for losing, the feeling is surely not mutual.

There are many success stories that come from successful poker player’s in this industry. Yes, we all play for fun, but if you take a few moments to read about a few of the winners, you’ll see there are some very specific traits that you may want to consider. One of them is not letting emotion get in the way of decisions. One might think I’m saying emotions are bad, and I don’t mean them to be bad, but a common mistake is a player having a hard time separating the feelings of joy from a person, such as their spouse, or child.

Other people can be very difficult to get along with, as in people that “don’t understand the game”. All of the emotions that make life enjoyable are very necessary for people to get along with others in life. There is no escape from these elements, and they must be recognized by the player to keep from burning bridges and upsetting other people in life.

Now, is that an easy thing to do, or is it a smart financial decision to make? You see, a person can enter into a business that is difficult to grow, because they don’t understand it, they may have to be pushed into learning about it, and then be pushed further in order to grow their business.

For example, even though Justin isn’t flashy personalities, many people may think, well, he is obviously successful because he is well liked. Others may believe that success is based solely on money that will flow in.

To succeed in a successful business, you must be able to understand and learn the ins and outs of the game. However, if you already have a successful business, and know how to play the game, why would you get out of it?