Justin Bonomo And His Poker Life

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We all know Justin Bonomo as the youngest person to ever win a major tournament (he played in the World Series of Poker and came in at #3, behind Brian Harman and John Cochran). He has his own reality show on Bravo that he works on from home. All of this is from someone who has been on television for three years now, but did not really start playing poker seriously until four years ago, at the age of twenty-three.

This is the story of how the guy started winning. Of course, that was only a small part of the story. But he also makes me think about the world of poker that we can all participate in.

The first thing that is very important to learn about Justin is that he is a self-made man. He was not born a millionaire, but he did win the cash in the world’s biggest cash game (a seventeen hundred dollar buy in for the World Series of Poker), and he also managed to make it to a few high-stakes tournaments.

He ended up winning around one hundred thousand dollars in a World Series of Poker tournament. He didn’t use all of that money, though. He was able to pay off some debts and buy some land to work on.

It took him about six months before he was ready to start playing poker seriously. After making some money on online poker in his spare time, he joined a poker community. They would bring in local tournaments and he played them with the same enthusiasm that he had shown in his online poker career.

Bonomo worked hard to be the best at what he did. He made his money, learned as much as he could, and got to learn from some of the most successful players in the world. One of these was Michael “Chip” Durbin, who has been called the “Eve of the World Series of Poker”.

One day Bonomo was talking to a friend who was a poker pro. The pro told Bonomo that there was a lot of money in online poker, but that he felt like he wasn’t getting paid enough. Bonomo asked what he was talking about, and the pro explained that he had won a thousand dollars in a single game.

Bonomo understood that he had to practice a lot to get better at poker. That was the main reason he joined the online poker community. He was trying to put together a poker team that would consist of two people who were both proficient at online poker.

Bonomo joined in, and the team started to win money and proving the pro wrong. Bonomo showed the pro how good he was, and he helped the pro train some of his players. It did not take long for Bonomo to start having some serious success with online poker.

Bonomo now works as a full-time poker pro. He would not have it any other way.

Bonomo tells me that he feels that the world of poker is on the right track. He feels that people should be putting their effort into practicing their skills and taking notes on what they are doing, rather than wasting their money on stupid wagers. Bonomo gives all of his winnings to charity.

One of the main criticisms of poker is that there is no leader, and that the players are not playing together. Bonomo says that this is not true. It seems that he does think that the world of poker is on the right track, but it is a slow learning process.