John Hennigan – No One Can Stop Him!

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Poker champion John Hennigan is a great story. For all his accomplishments and fame, Hennigan is humble. He considers himself the “coach” of poker.

He was the first American to win a major poker tournament. He was the first professional athlete to use computers to aid him in playing poker. The world’s top professionals all believe that John is the greatest player of all time. He is also very successful on the television shows he has been a part of, Poker in Vegas and Big Brother.

Poker was not yet recognized as a sport in America, when John came to play professionally. It was a time when poker was still considered a game for “old” men, especially in New York City. There were no sports cards or ticket holders for games. There were only tables and spectators. John took it upon himself to change that.

Even though there were several other players who also practiced poker in those days, most of them were from smaller cities. Poker was so popular that there were no other places for them to play except their own houses. They would be considered thieves in today’s world, but back then it was accepted as a pastime.

John didn’t play the game just for fun, though. He needed a profession to make ends meet. So he quit his job to become a full-time poker player. He started out as a poor student at Yale Law School. He graduated in 1957, just three years after its founding.

However, John found a part-time job at a bookstore in Houston, Texas, where he started writing for a company that printed poker decks. He would take the cards and try to figure out the values. It was a difficult task.

In 1963, he came across an online article sites where you could write and submit articles. He made a name for himself and soon he became known as one of the best writers in the business. He soon became the unofficial publisher of the famous Ultimate Poker Tour. In 1970, he formed a partnership with Lanny Katz, who was also a poker champion.

Through their combined efforts, they created the United States Poker Tour, a tour with the aim of qualifying for top professionals to compete in the World Poker Tour. This event was held every four years. The current owner is Joe Calzolari.

When poker wasn’t an established sport, John played some of the most famous online tournaments. For example, he went up against two of the top players in the world, who are still popular today. One of them is Tom Dwan. The other is Greg Guma.

After each of his games, he would receive a prize in the mail. The first prize was one hundred dollars, which John won for beating both of them.

John was able to help other people learn how to play poker. He had many people contact him to ask for advice. Of course, he did have a lot of fun while doing it, too.

His most recent book, “Poker for the Win”, was released in 2020. This is the fourth book in his “Poker Series.” John is still looking for more people to learn from and make them millionaires.