Joe Cada: California Bans Poker

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In one of the most discussed issues in America, the State of California has passed an ordinance that would prohibit poker on property that is under the control of the city. This is a bad move on the part of the government and shows just how misguided their priorities are.

Joe Cada and the Poker Players Alliance for Fairness can never be called ungrateful. Poker is a multibillion dollar industry and it’s a real worry that Californians could lose some of their biggest money makers. They continue to stand firm in the belief that gambling harms the community.

The phrase ‘win, lose or draw’ should be reserved for poker. Players understand the game and know what they’re getting into before they sign up for any of the online poker sites. Not only that, but players are legally required to be at least 18 years old in order to participate in any kind of gambling activity and playing poker on the property that is being controlled by the city is just completely absurd.

We will have to wait and see what happens next. Some states have taken the opposite approach and are now offering great incentives to encourage casino and poker gambling into their state. So we can hope that the California government follows suit. It appears to me as if they’re already teetering on the edge and looking for reasons to turn back the clock on gambling.

To my knowledge there have been no comments yet from Joe Cada, but I would hope that he and the other pros would not be afraid to voice their displeasure in this matter in order to hopefully get what they want. Now, it would be nice if there were some major pushback and resistance from the poker community and I’m sure Joe Cada would be one of the first ones to volunteer his opinion on the matter, but nothing seems to be forthcoming.

Many of us are waiting with bated breath to hear what Joe Cada has to say, so keep your eyes peeled for his next online article. But now, what are some other alternatives for California residents who want to gamble and have not yet signed up for poker online? Well, there are other avenues available to you besides poker. For instance, you could also play slot machines.

Of course, if you’ve never played slots online before, you may not know how to play well. However, it is important to note that playing slots online can be just as challenging as playing in the virtual casinos. So be prepared to spend some time practicing.

Indeed, even if you are not planning on signing up for poker anytime soon, at least know that there are other places you can play poker and you don’t have to sign up with the three big online casinos in the US. There are still many other options to choose from. In fact, I’m aware of at least three major casinos that have opened up all over the United States and I’d be happy to recommend one of them to any of my readers that have plans of going to Vegas any time soon.

First, the Eureka Casino is an independent casino that was founded by one of the founders of the King of Hearts, Vince Lombardi. While the real money doesn’t change hands in Eureka, it does go all the way back to Vince himself. So keep an eye out for the poker promo codes if you are a poker enthusiast.

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In conclusion, take note that Joe Cada has a full write up for you after reading his articles in the Poker Players Alliance. He goes into detail about different ways that you can benefit from participating in the poker community.